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5 Postpartum Recovery Exercises

August 28, 2018

Speed Up Your Postpartum Recovery With Just 5 Main Exercisesotis

By Otis Collier, personal trainer

Okay. You just delivered your beauty child. You finally finished all the “hard” stuff with
pregnancy and childbirth to only to be thrown into a 24/7 duty of caring for your new child. Not
only that, you need to quicken your recovery to get back in shape. Whether you know it or not,
you are performing several different exercises everyday. They are called “ADL” or what I call life
tasks of caring for your family, domestic duties while still handling your newborn. Therefore,
performing these 5 exercises will improve your postpartum recovery.
1. Hip hinge with a row. (Watch video here)
– It utilize your hips and legs instead of your spine. Your spine does not enjoy
flexion/bending forward with weight.
– It will strengthen your arms and upper body to support your growing child.
– You will be doing this movement everyday like putting your child in a car seat, stroller,
even during bath time.
– Helps with big hugs…well maybe not exactly but it’s a good start 😉

2. Off set loaded carries (Watch video here)
– It is a core exercise where your spine prevents side bending.
– It is quite probable you will be carrying a child, stroller, and bag on one side while trying
to open a car door. So, having the core and overall strength would be useful.
– It strengthens your Diastasis Recti (DR)
– You would look like a boss in the gym carrying ridiculous amount of weight on one side
while not folding over. You’re a BOSS!!!!!
3. Unilateral standing leg reaches (Watch video here)– You walk on one leg at a time so why not train each leg independently.
– You will find yourself using your leg as your 3rd
“arm” while carrying things. (Every parent
has done this, I promise)
– Your legs will be stronger and your balance will improve.

4. Step up lunges (Watch video here)
– You will be able to transition between different levels from standing to sitting to kneeling
to even lying on the floor proficiently with better posture.
– This position is a very effective hip flexor stretch and hip stabilizer. This is pivotal since
laxity levels (which can lead to instability within the pelvis) can remain high up to 6
months postpartum or until you discontinue breastfeeding.
– You will be able to reduce lower back pain by using your hip, not your lower back for
better movement.
– It is a great position for hip and core exercises.
5. Unilateral rows (Watch video here)
It keeps your shoulders healthier and reverse rounded shoulders that occurs during
– You will become a master at reaching for things while carrying objects in one hand.
– It helps tighten up that “bra strap” area (yup, that’s a scientific term)
– It will help improve your posture. This means the better alignment you are in, the move efficient
you will move and display strength. And, do you want to be strong??? Yes!!!!!

There you have it. 5 exercises to help your postpartum condition. Your training program
should always reflect your goals and demands in your everyday life. If not, you are serious
putting yourself at a huge disadvantage. If you are unsure about your current or soon to try
training program or you just want me to assess it for you, please contact me and I will do my
best to help you out.
Be strong and fit for you and your baby!!!

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