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A Tower, A Stone And A Greek God Or Goddess

By Phillip Tomlinson What a guy! You may even have heard of him. Pulled off a nifty trick a long, long time ago because – let’s just say – he had shoulders of gold. Held captive with his son Icarus … Continue reading

The GO TO Core Exercise- The Dead bug

By Sarah Lorraine, Personal Trainer Everyone wants a strong, sexy stomach but most have no idea what exercises will actually aide in this and which ones will do more damage to their body. The dead bug exercise is a great … Continue reading

This is SO Time for Child’s Play

By Andrea Parkinson, New York Personal Trainer You know those monkey bars on the playground- the ladders that are raised horizontally off the ground? They are designed for the tight wiry bodies of children to traverse. It’s by no means … Continue reading

Improve Hip Mobility and Tone Your Butt

By Lisa Snow, NYC Personal Trainer The basic, 2 leg bridge is a wonderful exercise for beginners of all ages, but people master it quickly. You know you’ve learned all you can from the 2 leg bridge when you can … Continue reading

Go For The Green And Get A Giant Boost

By Phillip Tomlinson Personal Trainer in New York City “It’s not easy being green, having to spend each day the color of the leaves.” No, siree, Kermit the frog was hardly thrilled about being green.  But, after all, if only … Continue reading

Fantone Fitness Fun Fitness Facts

By James Fantone NYC Personal Trainer                        Fantone Fitness Fun Fitness Fact #1. Your stomach is about the size of both of your hands held out in front of you cupped together like a bowl. It’s your … Continue reading

4 Green Snacks for St. Patrick’s Day & All Through the Year

By Lisa Snow New York City Personal Trainer   We all want to include more green veggies in our diets, but often struggle to know how.  These easy snacks are gluten-free, cholesterol-free, and delicious!  – Kale Chips: yummy, salty, spicy, … Continue reading

Getting What You Want From a Personal Trainer in NYC

Personal trainer NYC listings are packed with all different types of skilled professionals offering everything from fitness to diet to life coaching. If you try one and don’t get results, chances are the problem begins in not knowing what you … Continue reading

Twenty Minutes is all You Need- Mentally and Physically

“I don’t have time.”  That is probably the biggest excuse I here, as to why people don’t exercise.  Well, the truth is that we make time for the things we feel are important.  We also maximize that time when we … Continue reading

Stop Going There: Your Heart Will Thank You For It

By Phillip Tomlinson NY Personal Trainer “There you go again.”  Yes, this was a dagger to the heart if you were on the other side of those words from Ronald Reagan.  But politics aside, while it’s a sure bet you’re … Continue reading

5 Things Everyone Should Know Before Starting a Fitness Program

By Leo Pinto NYC Personal Trainer Everybody wants to get in shape!  To be in great shape and have a beautiful  body is the dream of many men in women. It’s human nature to want to feel good about yourself … Continue reading

Exploring NYC Personal Training Gyms: Mid-City Gym

Mid-City Gym 345 West 42nd Street New York, NY 10036 Ever wondered where the likes of Lou Ferrigno, Hulk Hogan, and Arnold have come to train when visiting New York? I was excited learn the answer to that question and … Continue reading

Effectively setting goals for the New Year

By Maritza Molina Personal Trainer Have you started putting your New Years resolution into practice? Tips to being able to effectively achieve your goals for this New Year: ·  Make goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. ·  Remember to … Continue reading

Exploring NYC’s Personal Training Gyms: Complete Body

Complete Body 10 Hanover Square New York, NY 10004 I recently headed downtown to the Financial District to explore the newest, and flagship, location of Complete Body just off Hanover Square. Nestled among icons of capitalism such as the stock … Continue reading

Glide to a Fit Future

By Lisa Snow Personal Trainer, New York City With so many people setting New Years resolutions about fitness, every sports store will try to convince you that you need to own a treadmill, a bowflex, or another expensive piece of … Continue reading

Start the New Year Pain Free

By Maritza Molina Personal Trainer in Manhattan Experiencing pain in your body during the Holidays? Start a New Year pain-free! Remember that what we put in our bodies can affect the way we feel. The more anti-inflammatory foods we consume … Continue reading

Commitment Versus Attachment: Goal Setting With A Personal Trainer

By Louiza Patsis New York Personal Trainer Why do some people lose weight and keep it off while others add and lose the same ten pounds? The difference may be attachment versus commitment. When you are attached to a goal, … Continue reading

A Calorie is Not a Calorie: Healthy Holiday Habits

By Andrea Parkinson NY Personal Trainer A Calorie is Not A Calorie: A Continued Holiday Guide towards Healthy Habits! Amid the endless concerns about body weight, losing it and keeping it off, one deep fallacy maintains it’s stance: A calorie … Continue reading

“What Can I Eat for the Holidays?” asks a personal training client

By Will Watson NYC personal trainer A lot of my clients are asking me the same question! “Coach Will, what can i eat for the holidays?” They know, that i know they know what they should be eating throughout the … Continue reading

Exploring NYC’s Personal Training Gyms: Thrive

By Chris Granville In a select area of Manhattan’s Upper East Side trainer Nikki Tissington has recently opened a beautiful boutique training studio that caters to the neighborhood’s exclusive cliental. As I made my way over to Thrive Studio I … Continue reading

Stay on the Fit Path during the Holy Daze

By Andrea Parkinson Personal Trainer Judging by the festive blinky lights and the rearranged “in season” aisle of the Duane Reade near me, it’s now Christmas time.  Of course we have only just gotten past Halloween. We still have Channukah, … Continue reading

How do you measure fitness? Waist –to-hip ratio as a measurement

By Louiza Patsis There are many determinants to being in shape. Going to the doctor and getting an annual physical with blood pressure, heart rate and blood test to measure cholesterol, sugar, salt, hormones and more are very important. How … Continue reading

A Personal Trainer’s Healthy Holiday Tips

By Barbara Evans NSCA-CPT Personal Trainer/Fitness Consultant Meant To Move Personal Training Tips For Staying Healthy Over the Holidays – a Different Approach It’s that time of year again. The holidays are fast approaching and, while we may be feeling … Continue reading

Nutrition: The Healthiest Thanksgiving Food is Pretty, too

By Lisa Snow Personal Trainer in Manhattan People often associate the holidays with unhealthy food (or just plain overeating), but one traditional Thanksgiving food is just as nutritious as it is pretty.  Cranberries are such a high antioxidant food that … Continue reading

Body-fat Invasion of a Different Kind

By Phillip Tomlinson Personal Trainer and Martial Arts Instructor Thinking of doing the two-step? Better think again. May not be such a good idea. But before I explain, let me take you back to the day something caught my eye … Continue reading

Trick and Treat

by Chizuru Asakura New York City Personal Trainer How to trick your brain and treat yourself well. Around the Holidays it is difficult to avoid delicious meals as humans at the most basic level are animals – but we are … Continue reading

Exploring NYC’s Private Gyms: Fit Factory

Fit Factory 153 West 27th Street, Ste. 201 New York, NY 10001 (212) 206-7652 Contact:   It was a crisp autumn day as I headed down to Chelsea and rounded the corner of West 27th Street for a visit … Continue reading

Exercise Excuses or Exercise Results

By Brett Cohen NYC Running Coach and Personal Trainer  “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else”.- Benjamin Franklin    Excuses to not exercise.. Boy, I’ve heard them all.. I know you’re busy, so I’ll … Continue reading

How A Bad Situation Turned Into Building A Power Athlete

By John Cintron New York Personal Trainer I had just started training for the “I Am A Juggernaut Contest” Arnold Portion. The grand prize was a 4 page interview in Ironman magazine, I had a story to tell about how … Continue reading

Personal Trainer’s Tips for Living With Chronic Pain

By Lisa Snow Personal Trainer in New York City Living with Chronic Pain? Have you had chronic pain for 2 years?  5 years?  10 years?  Do you feel unable to exercise?  Is the pain interfering with your regular daily activities?  … Continue reading

Sleep is Not a Luxury, says one Personal Trainer

By Roya Sarraf Manhattan Personal Trainer “Sleep is not a luxury, it’s a necessity for optimal functioning.” When you sleep, your brain catalogues the previous day’s experiences, primes your memory, and triggers the release of hormones regulating energy, mood, and … Continue reading

3 Freezing Methods to Extend the Farmer’s Market Harvest!

By Maritza Molina Bronx Personal Trainer Quick freezing tips: Store in a tightly sealed plastic bag or container in the freezer. Label your food the name and date frozen. They will last up to 6 months. Wash all fruits and … Continue reading

A Personal Trainer’s Top 5 Reason to Learn Ballet

By Andrea Shasgus Parkinson NYC personal trainer and former dancer Top 5 Reasons to Learn Ballet: Before I entered the the fitness industry, I was an aspiring classical and contemporary dancer.  Fifteen years into my career as a trainer, I … Continue reading

Exploring NYC’s Private Gyms: Hype Gym

Hype Gym 480 Second Avenue New York, NY 10016 (646) 201-9387 Contact: It was an unseasonably hot September day as I went downtown to Kip’s Bay for an opportunity to visit Hype Gym. It was a relief to get … Continue reading

Personal Trainer Injury Advice: Wrist pain? Considering surgery for carpal tunnel?

By Lisa Snow Personal Trainer in NYC Wrist pain?  Considering surgery for carpal tunnel? Is pain in your wrists or forearms interfering with your work or daily life?  Whether you have carpal tunnel or some other wrist injury, try physical … Continue reading

Getting in Shape Post-baby From a Personal Trainer’s Point of View

By Ilana Milstein NY Personal Trainer Women approach fitness and pregnancy very differently. Some women use pregnancy as a time to relax and lessen the intensity and quantity of their workouts. Other women continue to exercise just as hard as … Continue reading

5 Ways to Jump Start Your Fall Fitness

By Ammo O’day New York City Personal Trainer   1)Set a short term goal,let’s say,from September to Christmas.What changes do you want to make in that time? 2)Go food shopping and make your meals for the week.Take a few hours … Continue reading

Exploring NYC’s Private Gyms: WORK TRAIN FIGHT

WORK TRAIN FIGHT 636 Broadway, #204 New York, NY 10012   By Chris Granville Nestled amongst the lofts of NoHo is a unique private gym called Work that aims to match the neighborhood’s lively downtown spirit. I recently had the … Continue reading

Is Ankle Pain Limiting Your Fitness?

By Lisa Snow New York City personal trainer If you have calf, ankle, or foot pain, the first step is to get it diagnosed by your doctor.  Even if it seems like a minor irritation to you, it could be … Continue reading

Personal Training Program Design

By Roya Sarraf NYC personal trainer To design a training program effectively, a personal trainer must have the knowledge of anatomy and physiology, kinesiology and basic nutrition, as well as information about pregnant and post-natal women, adolescents, the elderly, and … Continue reading

Personal Trainer Talk: Exercise and Pregnancy

By Andrea Parkinson Personal Trainer Having a baby is an endurance event that starts at conception.  Moms need strong and flexible bodies to nurture their babies during the forty or so weeks of the pregnancy and beyond.  Simply put, the … Continue reading

Talk To The Hand For Portion Control

By Maritza Molina Personal Trainer On the go? Not able to measure the amount of food you’re consuming? The answer is right in your hands! Did you know you could use your hands to figure out how many servings you’re … Continue reading

Top 10 Benefits of Drinking Water

By Joshua Margolis Mind Over Matter NYC •  Improve and Increase Overall Energy Levels •  Help You Lose Weight and Raise Metabolism •  Reduce Headaches and Dizziness •  Keep Skin Healthy and Glowing •  Enhance Sexual Performance •  Improve Digestion … Continue reading

Is Knee Pain Interfering with Your Exercise Goals?

By Lisa Snow Personal Trainer Do you suffer from knee pain on one or both sides?  Knee pain can be a big obstacle to your weight loss goals, since it may limit your ability to do cardio like walking and … Continue reading

The Mentality of a Fitness Fanatic

By Nick Brucker Personal Trainer First off– yes! I AM writing this blog post because if you haven’t yet discovered the amazing life as a fitness fanatic, you need to! If you have already been converted to our disciplined way … Continue reading

Running Your First 5K Race

By Brett Cohen Personal Trainer and Running Coach Are you’re in need of some extra incentive to do that dreaded cardio workout? Why not try a 5K race. Training for and ultimately racing this very doable distance (3.1) miles, not … Continue reading

Add Years To Your Life Expectancy

By Phillip Tomlinson Personal Trainer and Martial Arts Instructor “On the weekends I’m a regular couch potato,” she proclaimed.  “It’s my way to unwind after a long week sitting in front of a desk,” she continued.  “My little piece of … Continue reading

Ashley Mitchell’s Total Body and Mind Transformation Boot Camp

By Chris Granville Before embarking on a long holiday weekend full of activities sure to tempt me away from healthy eating and abstinence I decided to mix up my workout program, get out of the gym, and try Ashley Mitchell’s … Continue reading

Exploring NYC’s Private Gyms: Fitness Results

By Chris Granville Upon first arriving at Fitness Results in the Flatiron District, I found myself transported from the crowded Fifth Avenue block below to a tranquil setting that seemed part art gallery, part meditation chamber, and part fitness studio. … Continue reading

10 Tips for Preventing Running Injuries-

By Brett Cohen   June is Injury Prevention Month for runners, so as someone who has developed a program specifically designed for that purpose I decided to write an article on the topic I’m so passionate about. This article is … Continue reading