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Body Control and Pilates

Pilates is an incredibly beneficial addition to any fitness plan. If you work with a qualified Staten Island Pilates instructor, you can get a lot of knowledge and experience that you would not get with just some average fitness instructor. One of the biggest reasons that Pilates is important to fitness is because it helps you to strengthen your body and teaches you how to move. 

Many people start exercising because they want a nice six-pack or they want flat abs, but honestly, the goal should be that you get a stronger core. Your core is incredibly important to the overall health of your body. As you learn to control your core, it will start to strengthen and, eventually, flatten out. You will also become more flexible and start to better understand the way that your body works. Many people go for “hard abs,” when they also need to worry about flexibility. What good is strength if you can’t move well enough to use that strength? Hard abs may look good, but if they aren’t flexible, they really aren’t as strong as you’d assume they were. 

Understanding your body symmetry can also play a huge role in body control. In a Staten Island Pilates class, you are taught how to make your body more symmetrical, whether it’s by lowering your shoulders, flattening your stomach, standing up straighter, or using correct posture. As you become more aware of these things, you will gain control of your body and how it moves. When you gain control, it actually makes you feel better about yourself (especially your body) as well. Pilates instructors will tell you that these workouts should ultimately result in body synergy, which will help you feel great. You will also be able to push your body to its utmost limits. 

Do you believe us yet? Pilates can be a great way for you to learn body control and core strengthening. If you want to find Staten Island Pilates instructors that teach near where you live, work, or go to school, make sure to use the search here at We have resources you can use to help you find Staten Island Pilates instructors. 

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