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Lesser-Known Benefits of Yoga

You’ve likely explored the physical benefits of yoga before, like how it can help you become more flexible and achieve better balance. But many Staten Island yoga instructors will tell you that there are even more reasons behind doing yoga than just physical wellness. 

Yoga actually has a number of proven emotional and psychological benefits. Here are some of the most prominent ones that you will hear about. 

- Your mental concentration will increase.

- It becomes easier for you to pay attention.

- Yoga has been proven to help reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

- Regular yoga can help increase your self esteem. 

- You feel “more in touch” with your body. 

- You get greater confidence in your skills and talents. 

- You may feel more inclined to try other new activities are deemed “more physical.”

Another great benefit of yoga that is often neglected is the fact that, if you do the correct types, you can actually see some weight loss. Many forms of yoga will not do this, but there are a handful of yoga types that work to increase your heart rate and burn fat. Most of these forms are in the category of Vinyasa (flow) yoga. If you wish to use yoga as a way to lose weight, then consider finding Staten Island yoga instructors that specialize in the following types of Vinyasa yoga. 

- Ashtanga yoga, which is a strenuous, high-intensity yoga that helps increase the heart rate and focuses on fluid motion without any stops or breaks. 

- Power yoga, which focuses on cardiovascular training and teaches you how to increase blood flow and your heart rate. 

- Hot yoga is perhaps the most well known type of Vinyasa yoga. This type of yoga is practiced in hot rooms of 101 degrees Fahrenheit or more so that you sweat when you do it. 

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