• Nathalie De Jesus
    Personal Trainer , Health Coach , Running Coach , Boxing Coach
    I am a young, motivated, and highly skilled personal trainer that has devoted her passion for sports and helping others into a career I have been building for over six years. I believe my experience aligns well with the qualifications you are seeking and we can make a great team! I’ve helped athletes reach their performance goals, I’ve helped elderly clients recover from injury or limited range of motion, and everything in between. My training philosophy is all about making fitness fun and moving without limitations.
    Before I became a certified personal trainer, I was never too shy to shadow trainers, coaches, and doctors. As I pursued a B.S. in Exercise Science, I had various intensive internships under physical therapists, and athletic trainers while I passionately studied the art of movement. I grew up in Manhattan playing various sports, cycling, exploring the glimpses of nature the city has to offer, and finding new ways to stay active. I am currently studying for my CSCS, and applying to Masters Programs in related fields. Moreover, my on-the-job experiences have afforded me a well-rounded skill set in in being able to create fun, efficient, and progressive training programs for athletes, weekend warriors, youth, elderly, and special populations. I am adept in individual and group instruction, expert programming, and fitness assessments in a friendly and professional environment.
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    • Absolutely a worthwhile investment!

      I came to Nathalie with one goal in mind. I wanted to play Division 1 soccer for my dream school. I’ve played soccer since I was five years old and have traveled through the states in some very important tournament and showcases. My current high school is also known for having a great Girls’ Varsity program. It is safe to say, I have experienced my fair share of soccer- Many coaches, many athletic trainers, and even many physical therapists. I’ve torn my ACL in the past (twice in the same knee), torn meniscus, broken collarbone, and a few lower back complications. Before entering my junior year of high school (my intended breakout year), I decided to seek a personal trainer to learn about overall fitness, not only my soccer skills. I wanted to get stronger, lift more, move better, and ultimately perform better. I was connected through my mom, who has been raving about Nathalie for months now. My mom seemed happier, and more excited about working out so I assumed Nathalie must be some kind of mythical creature to get my mom to enjoy fitness. Once I met Nathalie, I was thrilled to discover she is an athlete as well and has experience with multiple sports. Her knowledge stood out to me, she was able to teach me a few new things about movement within just minutes of meeting her and I thought ‘wow, I’ve been doing this my whole life and I’ve never approached it that way’. She coached me through movement I thought I couldn’t even do, until at the end of each set she’d say ‘See, I told you you can do it ’. Nathalie was like a big sister because she knows when to make jokes, yet respected enough to make me do those last few reps or sprints. Nathalie's passion is to unlock the potential of the adolescent athlete, like me. Sometimes that potential, either mental, physical, or both, is hidden from the athlete. Nat has a deftness for connecting with the athlete and identifying the path to success. The great thing about her is that she is not a sports specific trainer; she can work with any athlete, in any sport, and help that athlete to achieve their full potential. Her workouts are challenging, fun and absolutely individualized. They are mentally and physically engaging. And she gets results. I have full faith in Nathalie’s abilities, because I have seen her work her "magic" with me (and my mom). I have a new confidence in my soccer skills because of Nathalie and we never even touched a soccer ball while training together. She has made me tougher and more disciplined on and off the field. Take this from a sixteen your old, working with Nathalie is absolutely one of the most worthwhile investments you can make in your child's life.

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    My Training style
    Motivational Speaker
    Sounding Board
    I work with people who are
    New to fitness
    Already exercising regularly
    Returning after a long layoff from regular exercise
    My training environment
    Residential Building Gym
    Office Building Gym
    Trainer's only Gym
    Group Fitness
    Client Home (trainer's equipment)
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    I have experience with injuries to the following areas
    I have experience with the following medical conditions
    High Blood Pressure
    Cardiovascular Disease
    I have experience with the following special populations
    First Timers
    Pre/Post Natal
    Professional Athletes
    Adults with Special Needs
    Children with Special Needs
    I have special certifications in
    I have experience with the following sports/ training specific goals
    Marathon/ Distance
    Weight Loss
    Functional Training
    Body Building
    Rock Climbing
    Power Lifting
    Distance Cycling
    Plyometric Training
    Heart Rate Training
    Tough Mudder
    Warrior Dash
    Spartan Race
    Session lengths available
    60 min
    Payment method preference
    Credit/Debit Card
    I offer a complimentary first meeting of an
    Fitness Assessment
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