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Alexandre Folacci

Personal Trainer , Group Fitness Instructor , Martial Arts Instructor , Health Coach , Running Coach , Boxing Coach

Days available to train
Mon-Fri : Mornings, Daytime, Evenings, Sat-Sun : Mornings , Daytime , Evenings ,
Years of experience:
7-10 Years
Cert. Agency/ Degree:
Bachelor of Exercise Science
Alternative Balance

About me
Hello! My name is Alexandre Folacci, but I go by Alex.

Let me tell you my story. I arrived 2 years ago in NYC and became one of the top trainers in the city!
Why? Thanks to my approach with people and also thanks to my Athletic and Academic background.

I was a world class Track athlete in my country (France) and moved to NYC 2 years ago to train for the Rio Olympics.
I developed the passion of helping other people with their fitness by using all the skills I learned from my own high-level training and academic background (Bachelor degree of Exercise Science & Master of Science).

I coached over 80 people so far, and I became friend with most of them! I have a great work ethic and always deliver a very high-quality workout to my client. I also mentor 2 other trainers to help them improve lives of their clients.
I offer a wide variety of coaching such as CrossFit, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Running/sprint, Flexibility-mobility, gymnastic, weightlifting, Kick-boxing,...

If you want to know more about myself you can also check out this interview link:

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read all of this, and give me a call to schedule your first session? (347) 720-5740

Client Reviews
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Alex is the best.Alex is a great trainer, but also a great person. He cares very much about the person he is training and has passion for them to meet their goals. Also, this is his career. Many trainers in NYC treat training as a secondary job to benefit them between their other career aspirations, but Alex treats this as his main business and and treats his clients well because he is fully invested in them. - Bill
Review for Alex FolacciTrained with Alex to meet my fitness goals. He was always very professional and helped me get in shape. He was the best professional trainer I've worked with and really enjoyed working with him. - Michael Barnett
Fantastic Personal TrainerAlex has been my personal trainer for about 11 months. Prior to working with Alex, I had been working out without a trainer and had reached a point in my routine that was not doing much for me. Alex changed all that in less than one year. In the time I have worked with Alex, he has managed to transform my body to the best it has ever been. Alex has made me more comfortable in the gym and knows how to push me harder to get the most out of my training. I really enjoy working with him. He is very professional and very knowledgeable about the anatomy of the human body. Besides his great personality, what I enjoy the most of working with Alex is that he makes working out fun. He has introduced me to several indoor exercise routines as well as outside exercise activities. No session is ever the same. Additionally, Alex makes himself available to me via text when I am out of town, in case I have a question about how to work out on my own. Alex is an incredible trainer and an incredible person –I feel very fortunate to have found him in NYC! - Victor Ayala

My Training style
Drill Sargeant
Motivational Speaker
Sounding Board
I work with people who are
New to fitness
Already exercising regularly
Returning after a long layoff from regular exercise
My training environment
Residential Building Gym
Outdoors (Park/Track)
Office Building Gym
Corporate Events
Trainer's only Gym
Group Fitness
Client Home (client's equipment)
Client Home (trainer's equipment)
Will Travel
Yoga style I practice (for yoga instructors only)
I have experience with injuries to the following areas
Muscle tears
I have experience with the following medical conditions
I have experience with the following special populations
First Timers
Unmotivated Individuals
Pre/Post Natal
Professional Athletes
I have special certifications in
Nutrition & Lifestyle
Youth Health & Fitness
Weight Management
Functional training
Health & Fitness specialist
Sports Nutrition
Cardio Kickboxing
Beach Body
I have experience with the following sports/ training specific goals
Martial Arts
Boot Camp
Weight Loss
Functional Training
Body Building
Rock Climbing
Power Lifting
Plyometric Training
Heart Rate Training
Session lengths available
60 min
90 min
Payment method preference
I offer a complimentary first meeting of an
Language Spoken
English, French
Additional certifications I have received
Master of Science
I have training privileges at the following gyms
Planet Fitness, Blink
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Areas Available to Train in ( city zip code/ area listings)
10031 , 10025 , 10024 , 10023 , 10115 , 10069 , 10026 , 10027 , 10019 , 10011 , 10001 , 10018 , 10036 , 10118 , 10119 , 10120 , 10121 , 10122 , 10123 , 10103 , 10104 , 10105 , 10106 , 10107 , 10110 , 10111 , 10112 , 10020 , 10003 , 10004 , 10005 , 10006 , 10038 , 10007 , 10002 , 10013 , 10012 , 10014 , 10278 , 10279 , 10270 , 10271 , 10041 , 10280 , 10281 , 10282
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