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James Camastra

Personal Trainer

Days available to train
Mon-Fri : Mornings, Daytime, Evenings, Sat-Sun : Mornings , Daytime ,
Years of experience:
10+ Years
Cert. Agency/ Degree:
BS Physical Eduation

About me
I am an owner, founder and program director at Progressive Personal Training, a private studio in Chelsea.

At PPT you work with a Training Team, several trainers that together make results and progress more possible than with other trainers. Additionally, all new clients meet with our staff registered dietitian. Some benefits of training with us include:
- we only hire trainers with advanced education and experiences
- easier and more flexible scheduling
- greater variety in your workouts
- several trainers impacting your fitness and goals
- a custom tracking system that tracks your progress and permits seamless communications among your training team.

Client Reviews
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The trainer I've been looking for!The trainer I've been looking for! – I’ve worked out with a number of personal trainers over the years. I am so happy I finally found James! When we first met, about a year ago, James asked detailed questions about my health and fitness goals, and then designed an individual program to address them. This impressed me; other personal trainers I’ve encountered seem to have a one-size-fits-all approach, regardless of the individual. He continually adjusts my program, adding new exercises that always keep my workouts interesting and challenging. With his constant encouragement – sometimes gentle, and sometimes (when necessary) considerably more forceful! – he makes sure his clients get the most out of every workout. James doesn’t just say “do this, do that.” He takes time to explain why an exercise is important, and then makes sure the movement is executed with proper form. James has a private exercise studio that is fully equipped. It has everything all the other gyms have – except crowds of annoying people! It is a pleasure to be in an exclusive, private environment; it allows me (and James) to focus exclusively on the workout. As an added bonus, James has hired a terrific new trainer, Luis Nunez, to work with him. While adhering to the same basic philosophy as James, Luis brings his own experience and insights to his workouts. He’s smart and engaging, and it’s enjoyable to occasionally spend a session with him as well. I wish I had found Progressive Personal Training years ago! - Josh
Best TrainersJames and Luis from PPT are two of the best trainers that I’ve ever hired. They know their stuff, and take a real interest in their clients. They have years of experience between them, and the bottom line, is that their results oriented approach really works. - Rob
Effective, Professional, KnowledgableI started personal training with James a couple of years ago when I realized that my wife (who had been training with him for 2 years) was looking and feeling better than she had in years and I figured I had best get in shape! James keeps incredible records of my progress — he is fully aware of what we did the week before, the month before and the year before. He keeps the workouts interesting and varied. He is emphatic about doing each exercise correctly and with the proper form. I have a pre-existing problem with my shoulder and because of his in-depth knowledge of injuries, he is helping me overcome it. If you want to see results and learn how to train properly and effectively, I highly recommend James. - Neil
Truly ExpertsProgressive Personal Training goes beyond the standard weight training and crunches, they develop a personalized plan that evolves with your performance and fitness level. For years, I worked-out with trainers across Equinox, New York Sports Club, and spent plenty of money at fancy private gyms but have never received the level of attention and care as I do at Progressive Personal Training. James, Antonio, and David are truly experts in this field and I believe, the best in this city. Working out at PPT has not only transformed my body but my overall health, especially when they identified that I had an undiagnosed case of exercise-induced asthma. Previous trainers just assumed I was out of shape. At PPT, workouts and trainers change so you never get bored and stay motivated. The studio is intimate and never overcrowded; the atmosphere is energetic and fun. - Danielle
Trainer ExtraordinaireJames has a way of making each and every work out interesting and diverse. He understands that people are different and he customizes your time with him to suit you. He's an inspired trainer. Oh, and he plays the BEST music! - Paul
Look No Further!I had my first training session with James in August, 2005 at the request of my therapist who also trained with James. Trust me when I say that I had never considered going to a personal trainer for a few reasons including body image issues. I finally agreed to go for just one session simply to satisfy my therapist’s request and I’ve been with James ever since. If you’re considering a trainer look no further. James is a special guy who will put you at ease and focus his total attention on your needs and goals. To put it simply, he cares. He’s a true professional in this business (sterling credentials) and as I’ve come to learn, you can’t say that about all trainers. I’ve made great progress over the years and while I do work hard, most of the credit goes to James. I train after work and many nights after a tough work day I drag myself to the gym convinced that I won’t be able to do squat tonight. Without fail I leave the session feeling invigorated and so glad I went. I’ve also had a couple of health issues recently and James is always careful to consider these problems and adjust my routines accordingly. Before too long I’m back on track and moving forward. James recently opened his own facility on West 20th Street. He is as focused on creating a first class gym environment as he is on his clients’ individual programs. Take it from this satisfied client and stop in and meet James. You’ll be glad you did! - Tom
He Really did Transform My BodyBy far the best trainer I have had – I went to see James with 30 lbs of extra weight on me at the age of 32 and in pretty bad shape. He was my first - and by far the best - trainer I have ever had. Having moved around the past couple of years I have been unable to find someone like him. Unlike other experiences, I did not wake up the next morning with the obligatory painful muscles yet without realizing it, I leaned out and became very toned over the next 3-4 weeks. As a female, he understood how I wanted to look; he didn't talk incessantly (my pet hate); and I left each session feeling like I achieved a very satisfactory workout. Not one did I regret waking up early for. It sounds cliche but he really did transform my body and helped me see exercise as a way of life. - Mina
Serious Long Lasting ResultsThe trainers at PPT take a very thoughtful approach to creating an individualized work out plan. They incorporate your goals and objectives, injury history and strengths and weakness to devise your customized plan. With a modern approach and a focus on core strength training, James and Luis differentiate themselves from most trainers you’ll meet at the large health clubs. I would highly recommend PPT to those that are looking for serious long lasting results based on core fundamental training techniques. - Douglas
The Team Dynamic Works Great For MeI finally have found a perfect fit for my exercise needs and schedule! The team dynamic works great for me. I enjoy having the opportunity to work with different trainers who collaborate on my needs. James, Luis and David are great trainers. They each have individual styles that keep it interesting and are all genuinely interested in helping you achieve your goals. Each training session is geared around how you are feeling each time you come in. They know when you can be pushed and when you might need to back off. Your well being and form if foremost in their approach. I have worked out with many personal trainers over the years and I have never met a group who truly care about you. Having one on one training is so much better than the group dynamic for so many reasons. - Therese
PPT is the place for youFor anyone looking for a serious, thorough and specifically designed workout, PPT is the place for you. I have been a client for many years. I have watched the team hone their craft. James, David, and Luis are true professionals who are devoted to designing unique sessions to target my needs. The space contains all the equipment a good gym requires,but with a more intimate vibe. Scheduling is flexible and all three trainers are true professionals. - Phyllis
Best Personal Trainer Out ThereI started working out with James when I was three months pregnant and we continued training throughout my pregnancy. James was very knowledgeable on prenatal fitness, and designed a very safe and effective program for me. I attribute my easy child birth and fast recovery and weight loss to our consistent workouts. James and I continue to work out and I feel fabulous and four months later have lost nearly all of my baby weight. James is an excellent personal trainer and extremely professional. I highly recommend him! - Molly
Fantastic Trainers!I've been going here for the past 4 months and I absolutely love it. Antonio, James, David and Greg are fantastic trainers, always pushing me to higher levels of strength with a smart eye on health/fitness. The equipment is top notch and the place is never crowded. If you are looking to get any sort of coaching in the gym, this is hands down the best place to go in NYC. - Mo
Happy Client for 9 YearsJames is the best personal trainer in nyc — i’m sure of it. i’ve been a fit, tone, healthy and happy client for 9 years and I still look forward to my sessions. Workouts vary so we hit every muscle group for both strengthening and toning. Over the years I’ve had a couple of minor injuries and he was very precise in the way he got me back up to par. James is professional, educated, knowledgeable and keeps detailed records of each session and my progression. His private gym is well equipped and always clean. Aside from all that, he’s a great guy. I highly recommend him!! I have also trained with Luis several times and I find him equally competent. Oh, and they play the best music! - Lori
Exceptional Personal TrainerI can’t say enough good things about working out with James Camastra. Of all the personal trainers I have tried he is the most professional and well-educated. Once I started working with him I was totally spoiled. He is very serious and enthusiastic about health and fitness and his creative and thoughtful approach to the workout made a big difference. He varied the routine day to day and kept it fun and interesting. I could tell the difference right away. Soon after beginning our work together I felt stronger and fitter and my clothes fit differently. - Kit
Changed The Way I Look and FeelI have been training with James since May 2006 and in that small amount of time my body has changed tremendously. I dropped two sizes without dieting!!! I would highly recommend him to anyone and think that he does an incredible job adapting the workout to target YOUR body. I also have back problems and we work together to make sure I only improve it and do not hurt it. My back doesnot hurt anymore, I am lean, more toned than in my entire adult life and feel great! - Lauren
Highly Recommend PPT!After posting on Thumbtack for a personal trainer, I received a number of replies. The one that impressed me most came from James from Progressive Personal Training because he asked me many specific questions about my medical history and workout goals. After a short trial period, I signed up for a year of private sessions. I like the fact that I have three rotating trainers: James, David and John who are clearly professionals in the field. Never do I feel they’re “winging” my workouts as I have felt with other trainers, but have a specific plan for me each time I come. They keep computerized records of each workout, and frequently refer back to them. They’re very exacting in explaining how each exercise should be done and work patiently with me until I get it right. I have to say PPT’s facilities are on the modest side; they don’t have the latest high-tech equipment. But the place is kept clean and very good, inventive use is made of their equipment. For instance, I particularly like that I’m always learning new variations of standard exercises, including squats and crunches. After about 3 months, I’m quite sure I made the right decision in going with PPT. I see a definite difference: my body is stronger and more toned, and my core feels much more solid. I highly recommend PPT! - Steve
The Best Personal Trainer in NYCI have been training with James for over a year and can say without a doubt that he has changed not only my physical appearancebut my attitude to health and fitness. I have even joined a gym and actually go 4 times a week on top of our sessions, this is fromsomeone who hated gyms? Seriously hated them. James keeps the sessions interesting and best of all fun, you will absolutely see a difference quickly and the fact that you enjoy it really helps for those days that you are feeling a little lazy. I guess that the proof was when I last went home, I hadn’t seen my friends for 6 months and they could not believe the difference in me. I cannot say enough great things about this trainer; he is busy for a good reason but will always help out if you need to change your schedule. If you want to get into shape quickly and have fun doing it then James is your guy! - Natasha
MotivatingJames and his team do a great job getting of motivating me to get off the couch! Their understanding of the anatomy of the human body helps me push my goals without getting hurt (which is what usually happens). - Jeff
Very KnowledgableI’ve always hated working out and going to the gym. I felt like I had no idea what I was doing and was always too shy to ask for help. I tried a few of the trainers at different gyms and none encouraged me enough to make me want to continue working out. When I explained about certain pain or problems I had, these trainers often ignored me and continued to use their methods. 20 extra pounds later I decided to search for the right personal trainer. I found James after doing extensive research online. He had great feedback so I decided to give him a try. He asked about my medical background and current workout routine. Since I have rheumatoid arthritis, I’m always nervous about working out, but James made me feel at ease and I could tell right away that he was using a routine that was made specifically for ME and my condition. After just one session I knew this was the place for me. I felt comfortable, I was challenged and I had privacy! No more worrying about an entire gym watching me struggle through an exercise. I love that there is never more than 2 or 3 people there at a time so you always have personalized attention. James’ knowledge exceeds that of the average trainer. If I struggled through an exercise, he’d explain to me why I was struggling and what muscles were weaker. He walked me through every exercise and encouraged me and pushed me when I needed it. I have more recently been training with Luis. Like James, Luis is very knowledgeable and brings his own experience to his workouts. He continually adjusts my program and keeps the sessions interesting and fun. Both James and Luis are very down to earth. I always find myself laughing and enjoying the time I spend there and I actually look forward to my sessions. This place focuses on YOU and what is best for YOU. I would highly recommend to anyone! - Mady
Great Trainers!The trainers at Progressive Personal Training are great. They strike a balance between pushing you to help you achieve your goals and making feel you feel comfortable and at ease while working out. They seem to do a good job of pushing you to your limits physically without going too far, and responding really well to questions/feedback. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for personal training in the Chelsea area. - Matthew
Changed My BodyI started with James six weeks after the birth of my second child. I had tried working out with personal trainers in NYC on and off in the past, but I hate to exercise and never found someone who motivated me to stay with it for more than a few weeks. I have been training with James continuously since January 2005. He is extremely professional and reliable and he keeps the workout moving quickly with a wide variety of exercises – so it is never boring. He pushes hard, but he is also very knowledgeable and educated, he is particularly excellent for anyone who, like me, has significant injuries and has been through rehabilitation therapy. I have had certified trainers exacerbate my back problems. Since I have been seeing James, I haven’t had any back problems. Most of all – the results don’t lie. I just turned 40 and my body looks better than it did when I was 30 – and I have had two kids in the interim. I can’t recommend James highly enough – he is very likeable (which actually is important to me when I am spending time and money with someone), and he is very, very good at what he does. I won’t say that I have come to adore working out now that I am with James, but I don’t dread my sessions the way I used to with other personal trainers. And I never saw results that could even remotely compare to what James has done for me. The best compliment I can give is that a close friend of mine who witnessed the changes in my body and my energy level signed up with James and has now been with him for almost a year. - Lisa
Wholeheartedly Recommend PPTAntonio has been training me for more than 7 years. He and the team at Progressive Personal Training are terrific. They are supportive and individualize each training session to maximize results. I wholeheartedly recommend PPT. - Arhtur
Consummate Fitness ProfessionalsJames, Luis and David are consummate fitness professionals and their focus on form and technique help to maximize results and avoid injury. I have been working with them for a year and have seen definite results including increased strength/muscle tone, better conditioning, better balance, increased endurance and more energy. The workout space is clean, well equipped and the one on one training experience is superior to anything else I have ever done before. I have recommended numerous friends to sign up and many are now also regular clients. Flexible scheduling, great music and proximity to home are added benefits! - Greg
SuperstarsJames and Luis are the superstars of this small, yet superb private gym. They keep the gym very clean and I love the privacy and the lack of a ‘scene.’ Just down to business – no games. They are very knowledgeable in dealing with existing and avoiding new injuries. The fact that James and Luis have had injuries of their own in the past makes them more sensitive to such issues – at the end of the day you don’t want some young trainer who is just out of school and ‘looks fit’ – you want people who actually know what they are doing and have been practicing for many years. I usually walk up to this 20th Street gym in Chelsea from the West Village as part of my warm-up, but it also is very convenient to the 1/2/F/M trains. There are lots of perks to a small gym. For example, James is also open to customizing a music/workout mix just for you! Equinox would never do that – and Progressive is more affordable. Progressive also has a very clean shower and bathroom facility for those rushing off to work from the gym or want to get in the shower right away. James and Luis really go out of their way to help their clients achieve their goals. For example, James has also communicated with some of my other doctors/medical practitioners to further customize my program. Highly Recommended! - David

My Training style
Motivational Speaker
I work with people who are
New to fitness
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My training environment
Residential Building Gym
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Office Building Gym
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Client Home (client's equipment)
Client Home (trainer's equipment)
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Yoga style I practice (for yoga instructors only)
I have experience with injuries to the following areas
Muscle tears
I have experience with the following medical conditions
High Blood Pressure
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I have experience with the following special populations
First Timers
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Weight Management
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Martial Arts
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MS Exercise Science: Injury Prevention and Human Performance
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Progressive Personal Training
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We always offer discounted introductory packages.
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