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    Find a Personal Trainer,
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  • Find a Personal Trainer,
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    Find a Personal Trainer,
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Darryl Whiting

Personal Trainer , Pilates Instructor , Group Fitness Instructor , Health Coach

Days available to train
Mon-Fri : Mornings, Daytime, Evenings, Sat-Sun : Mornings , Daytime ,
Years of experience:
4-6 Years
Cert. Agency/ Degree:

About me
I am a Fordham University football alum and former Tennessee Titan. I love to help others succeed in achieving their fitness goals. Towards the latter years of my career I was plagued with injuries only later to find out that most of them could have been prevented. I want to pass on my knowledge of corrective exercise, functional movement and sports performance to others. I also hold certifications in kettlebell training, integrated stretching and pre/postnatal, as well as a certificate in mat Pilates.

Client Reviews
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Darryl changed my lifeThere is no better trainer than Darryl. I hadn't worked out in earnest until I met Darryl, and he got me to a place where I no longer dreaded being at the gym. Not only did he improve my health and helped me to lose a lot of weight, but he became a best friend. He is patient, caring, helpful, knowledgeable, informed, and consistent - he knows when and how to push to bring the best out of you. He also doesn't put up with excuses! I consider myself very lucky to have been matched up with Darryl as my trainer and to call him my friend. - Brittany Eber
Top TrainerI’ve been training with Darryl for a little over a year and a half. During that time, I’ve worked to become pain-free, gained ~20 lbs of muscle and lost ~5% body fat. Before training with Darryl, I saw physios, chiropractors, and others to address chronic lower back and knee pain. None of it made any difference until Darryl figured out the various muscle imbalances I had and created bespoke workouts to address them. He's an ex-NFL player with a positive attitude and a genuine flair for personal training. He's got relevant qualifications and is currently training a number of professional athletes. He's experienced and will design workouts to help you hit your goals. - Jacob Cotton
Darryl is an Unbelievable TrainerDarryl is simply a fantastic trainer. When I began, I had absolutely no flexibility or strength. We've worked together for a year and a half now and I've made tremendous progress. I sit all day at work so its a daily struggle to be loose and flexible and working with Darryl helps tremendously. Additionally, the strength gains I've made, starting from almost nothing, have been fantastic and really encouraging. This progress is all due to Darryl's dedication, knowledge and motivation. - Noah Efron
MrsDarryl is extremely knowledgeable and attentive and most importantly he really cares about his clients. . At my first training session he spent more than the scheduled hour with me breaking down my health and workout history, goals and issues that plagued me. He created a rehabilitation program that got to the root of my problems and set me on the road to recovery and feeling better quicker than years spent in physical therapy. He is always early (if you're on time, you're late as he likes to say), is professional and spends hours putting together training programs catering specifically to each of his individual clients. He'll also send you reading material and videos on his own time to help you attain success. - Sarah Tredwell

My Training style
I work with people who are
New to fitness
Already exercising regularly
Returning after a long layoff from regular exercise
My training environment
Residential Building Gym
Office Building Gym
Corporate Events
Fitness/ Nutrition Seminars
Trainer's only Gym
Group Fitness
Client Home (client's equipment)
Client Home (trainer's equipment)
Yoga style I practice (for yoga instructors only)
I have experience with injuries to the following areas
I have experience with the following medical conditions
I have experience with the following special populations
First Timers
Unmotivated Individuals
Pre/Post Natal
Professional Athletes
I have special certifications in
Youth Health & Fitness
Functional training
Pre/ Post Natal
Health & Fitness specialist
Kettle Bells
I have experience with the following sports/ training specific goals
Boot Camp
Weight Loss
Functional Training
Power Lifting
Plyometric Training
Heart Rate Training
Tough Mudder
Spartan Race
Session lengths available
60 min
Payment method preference
Credit/Debit Card
I offer a complimentary first meeting of an
Language Spoken
Additional certifications I have received
Current specials
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