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Phillip Tomlinson

Personal Trainer , Nutritionist , Group Fitness Instructor , Martial Arts Instructor , Health Coach

Days available to train
Mon-Fri : Mornings, Daytime, Evenings, Sat-Sun : Mornings , Daytime , Evenings ,
Years of experience:
10+ Years
Cert. Agency/ Degree:
World Seido Karate 5th Degree black belt/Certified member of International Sports Sciences Association

About me
Phillip Tomlinson is the founder of BodinSync, an exercise system of compound movements based on functional, total-body training that will inspire you in some fun but challenging ways.

BodinSync utilizes various methods, including weights, plyometrics and martial arts-inspired routines to develop balance, strength, muscle-tone, coordination and speed in ways that adhere to the body’s natural inclinations.

An experienced athlete in body movement, Phillip is a former track and field competitor and soccer player. He holds a Master of Science degree from Columbia University and has been a medical reporter and television anchor. Phillip is a certified member of the International Sports Sciences Association, is a karate teacher with a fifth degree black belt from the World Seido Karate Organization and has appeared on ESPN as a tournament competitor. He can also be seen on You Tube.

Client Reviews
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I highly recommend Phillip!Phillip is an inspiration — he is passionate about health and fitness, and is a living example of how to be and keep fit. He is an incredibly impressive martial artist — one of the best I’ve ever seen… and he is a warm, enthusiastic and knowledgeable person, who pushes you to do better, while inspiring you to want to be better. He does all this with good humor and professionalism. If you want to work with a trainer who will get you in great shape, I highly recommend him! -
Must Read!Super Bowl 23. I catch two passes, we win the game. Sound great? I could have kept going. But I left to go to medical school. How does that sound? Quite a challenge. I altered and dedicated my life to becoming a surgeon. But of course, along the way I have unavoidably become a fitness and wellness expert myself. And I understand the physiology of muscle dynamics as well as the nutrition, rest and other things designed for healthy living. Now comes the testimonial. I met Phillip a few years back, and he added immensely to my baseline. Nobody can touch him, nobody even comes close, don't even think about it. - John Frank, MD
Tina C.Phillip has been my trainer on and off for a few years. He helped me to loss 4 dress sizes. Completely changed my body and mind. I was smaller, toner, stronger, and more knowledgeable about food and eating. A workout with Phillip will never be dull. He worked with me on my martial arts skills, my flexibility, how to do total body weight lifting and how to change my mindset and eating habit towards food. Very encouraging. Challenges and pushes me. Will explain and demonstrate each technique or move, which is very helpful for a novice exerciser. I highly recommend him. I refer him to all my friends. -
Phillip Tomlinson--The best!I have been a dedicated athlete virtually my entire life (I am 41) and have had the good fortune to train with elite coaches in a variety of disciplines. I have traveled far and wide, and spent a lot of money, in order to work with the best and explore my physical/athletic potential limits though their guidance. But about five years ago I developed terrible osteoarthritis in my hips. In an effort to put off surgery, I sought out every type of therapist and remedy imaginable. I saw the most highly recommended PT's that specialize in hip dysplasia, chiropractors; I tried yoga, Thai massage, and must have logged in 100 hours hanging upside down like a bat using gravity boots...I spent thousands on supplements and a whopping $24K on an semi-experimental anti-inflammatory therapy that involves having your blood re-injected into you. You name it, I tried it. At best, certain things offered a very short-lived respite from the agony of OA. As the OA progressed, the hard-earned level of fitness and strong body I had worked so hard to develop was waning. That is, until I crossed paths with Phillip Tomlinson--a true blessing in my life. Now, Phillip couldn't make my arthritis vanish. That’s impossible. (Surgery was unavoidable, as I had zero cartilage left and essentially the hips of a 90-year-old man. Getting up from a chair or walking down the street had become as difficult as it may be for someone, well, 90.) Phillip created a sophisticated routine to get me ready for my surgery and beyond. It was unlike any routine I had done before—and I thought I had done them all. He set out goals for me that, frankly, seemed a little far-fetched considering my condition. To my amazement, in less than two months he helped me realize results that boggled the mind. My pain had eased considerably, while my strength and balance and coordination had improved markedly. His work, he explained, had activated long dormant muscles in my posterior chain/lower body--places that biking and swimming and other seemingly good activities somehow couldn't reach. While the work was demanding, the speed with which the results came made it all worth it. Our work wasn’t limited to our hour-long sessions. He advised me regarding my nutrition, wanted to know how I was sleeping, my stress levels, etc. When he asks, “How are you feeling,” he really wants to know and listens more closely than most others I’ve encountered. I had my surgery three weeks ago and have been working with Phillip as soon I was cleared to begin PT. I'm way ahead of schedule—in no small part due to the work we did before the surgery—and I can't wait to see where we will be able to take things in the coming years as I reclaim total health. Phillip is a magician of sorts in this arena, although he has many other talents and a wealth of knowledge in many areas. I've spoken about my own experiences here but think anyone, regardless of age or ability, whom he couldn’t affect similarly—provided they take the work very seriously, as I do. Last, none of what I've said actually gets to the primary point I wish to make. He is simply a great person--giving, thoughtful, caring, strong, intelligent, and 100% committed to those with whom he works. What could have been a very dark time in my life is now invested with great confidence and hope. I owe a great deal of this to his guidance and support. -

My Training style
Motivational Speaker
I work with people who are
New to fitness
Already exercising regularly
Returning after a long layoff from regular exercise
My training environment
Residential Building Gym
Office Building Gym
Corporate Events
My Private Studio
Fitness/ Nutrition Seminars
Client Home (client's equipment)
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Yoga style I practice (for yoga instructors only)
I have experience with injuries to the following areas
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I have experience with the following special populations
First Timers
Pre/Post Natal
I have special certifications in
Nutrition & Lifestyle
Weight Management
Functional training
Health & Fitness specialist
Cardio Kickboxing
I have experience with the following sports/ training specific goals
Martial Arts
Boot Camp
Weight Loss
Functional Training
Body Building
Session lengths available
30 min
45 min
60 min
90 min
Payment method preference
I offer a complimentary first meeting of an
Language Spoken
Additional certifications I have received
MS Degree/Columbia U
Session Rate? Trainer Charges Per Hour To Train
$20 introductory fee
Discount packages available
$20 introductory fee
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10025 , 10024 , 10023 , 10115 , , 10029 , 10128 , 10028 , 10075 , 10021 , 10065 , 10162 , 10019 , 10011 , 10001 , 10018 , 10036 , 10118 , 10119 , 10120 , 10121 , 10122 , 10123 , 10103 , 10104 , 10105 , 10106 , 10107 , 10110 , 10111 , 10112 , 10020 , 10022 , 10003 , 10017 , 10016 , 10010 , 10009 , 10158 , 10151 , 10152 , 10153 , 10154 , 10155 , 10156 , 10055 , 10165 , 10166 , 10167 , 10168 , 10169 , 10170 , 10171 , 10172 , 10173 , 10174 , 10175 , 10176 , 10177 , 10178 , 10004 , 10005 , 10006 , 10038 , 10007 , 10002 , 10013 , 10012 , 10014 , 10278 , 10279 , 10270 , 10271 , 10041 , 10280 , 10281 , 10282 , 11215
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