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    Find a Personal Trainer,
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Team Fitness With Gennaro Ferra

  • About Team Fitness™

    Gennaro Ferra’s Team Fitness™ is an exciting and unique new outdoor fitness program designed to get you into the best shape of your life! We teach you the latest techniques incorporating 6 of the most effective exercise disciplines into each session, making it challenging, fun and results driven.

    No this isn’t a bootcamp and you won’t feel achy, awkward and flustered for days on end. Team Fitness™ is about controlled and effective movement. Gennaro threads Powerpose® into most of the routines he takes you through. This is what separates us from most other fitness/bootcamp classes. Powerpose® is graceful movement through space while contracting and elongating specific muscles. This enhances muscle mind connection helping you feel the muscles being worked to their fullest capacity, reaping the fat burning and body toning results you deserve!

    Specific Benefits

    • Greater core strength and leaner waistline
    • Tighter and stronger legs and glutes
    • More defined shoulders, back, chest and arms
    • Improved balance, better posture, and total body fat loss

    Class Breakdown

    Each discipline lasts around 6 -10 minutes with a quick walk out and stretch between routines. Gennaro has methodically planned his order of exercises to gradually warm your body up then progressively build your session into an intense and challenging fat burning workout. If you want to get it all done in one shot then this class is for you!

    1. Active Stretching

    2. Powerpose®

    3. Body Resistance Work

    4. Controlled Plyometrics

    5. Cardio Drills and Skills

    7. Flexibility and Powerpose®

    No two workouts are ever alike! We keep switching up routines utilizing different functional training techniques and strategies. Experience super sets, partnered work, circuits, isometric and active holds, various levels, twists and grips, and many more challenging body moves.

    What YOU NEED!

    No equipment is required so just bring your enthusiasm, energy and drive to be better! Use your body as resistance and the natural environment as the gym. All that you will need to bring is a towel for floor work, bike or weight-training gloves to protect your hands, and water to keep you well hydrated.

    Class Duration:
    One hour

    We track your progress!
    As part of the course each client receives an online and in person fitness and body assessment. To be eligible for this you must pre-pay below. If you wish to continue progressing with Gennaro after the 6 week program you can choose to be coached via our online coaching program or one on one.

    Team Fitness Program

    The program consists of 3 classes per week. You get more than just great workouts but a unique knowledge and experience of how to really work your muscles and move your body effectively. Very few group exercise courses teach you this. This experience will last you a lifetime! We keep class numbers small so we can pay special attention to each team member and tailor your workouts accordingly. We only select those who are serious about making a positive change for life. The Team Fitness program is for all levels and age groups. At the same time, you enjoy the benefits of team camaraderie and group motivation.

    Book your great new look today by enrolling now! 
    Training 3 days per week over 6 weeks $450




    Hudson River Park: corner of West 24th Street and 12th Avenue, NYC (on grass area)


    Commencing May 7, 2012 at 6:30am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 6 weeks until June 15,


    Find out more about Gennaro Ferra


    All courses must be paid in full a week prior to the commencement of the 6 week program. If you decide to cease a program at any time refunds will not be given. However, sessions are transferable.

    Please ensure you receive a full medical check up prior to the commencement of the team fitness program. The online assessment we provide requires you to fill out a health and fitness questionnaire.