The Top 5 Benefits of Boot Camp

By Lisa Snow
NYC personal trainer and group fitness instructor

Never tried a boot camp and think it sounds too scary? The fact is, boot camp is for all levels. My bootcamp students have included everyone from serious triathletes to beginners who couldn’t even do 1 push-up when they started! A boot camp class can help you get in shape by giving you:

- New friends: Have you been going to the same gym for years but still haven’t really gotten to know anyone? Or do you workout alone and wish you had someone to keep you motivated? My boot camp classes are kept small so you can make real friends and get support on your way to reaching your goals.

- Fresh air: Most of us spend 8+ hours/day in an overheated or over-air conditioned office, then head straight to a gym with even more stale air. When people think about taking their workout outside, they think park=jogging. What if you could get your strength workout done in the sun too?

- Maximum weight loss: The research is in, strength training and anaerobic cardio intervals are crucial to permanent weight loss for both men and women because they burn calories during & after the workout and allow you to retain muscle while losing fat. This means you end up lean and toned rather than flabby & skinnyfat. You read that right: body weight strength training is important for women’s fat loss. Of my over 100 participants from last year, not one bulked up! But they did get stronger, feel better, and have more energy.

- 3D moves: Most gym machines are in ONE plane of movement (i.e. leg curl, leg extension, bicep curls, etc). In any good boot camp, you will use functional movements that challenge your core and recruit more muscle fibers because they work in all 3 planes. These can range from simple (i.e. diagonal chops) to moves you’ve never seen before.

- Fun fitness toys: get off the tread, I mean dreadmill, and have fun with creative equipment like tubing, medicine balls, bodyblades, mini-bands, jump ropes, and most importantly, your own body.

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