Personal wellness

Taking care of your own health doesn’t only have to happen in a large fitness facility. Where you live may offer you other places to exercise with a fitness professional. More often now than in the past, residential buildings and communities have private facilities that welcome personal trainers. Still other people may choose to exercise in the comfort of their own home or even outdoors weather permitting.

Do you have a gym in your building? Would you like to see more residents benefit from using it safely? Invite a NeighborhoodTrainer in to provide a demonstration to your residents. They help educate on the proper use of the equipment, as well as the benefits of working with a personal trainer. A gym is a great amenity and can smetimes be a great source of revenue for your building.

To set up a demonstration, you can either contact NeighborhoodTrainers or use our search feature to find a trainer who will provide the service.

Corporate Wellness

Healthy employees are happier, more productive employees. For companies with wellness programs including items such as employee discounts for joining specific gyms, introducing NeighborhoodTrainers provides employees an additional personal, intimate option. Some people need more flexibility just being a member of a gym, while others want to exercise with someone at their home or in their building’s or community gym.

Are you having a health fair? Invite us along. We’ll bring trainers who work in your area to speak to your employees.

Are you interested in holding group fitness classes or seminars? Contact NeighborhoodTrainers or use our search feature to select and contact a trainer directly.