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Quarantine Workouts

April 23, 2020

As we have heard many times up until now, it is a great idea to have a daily routine to help us through these seemingly long days of social distancing and quarantine.
Make your bed, keep your space organized and clean, get ready and start each day with
positivity, and stay active. Some days are sure to be easier than others. However, on those
more difficult days, stress and anxiety can take its toll.
Currently, there is constant worry about how we’re going to make ends meet. How do
we fight boredom and cabin fever? How do we continue to stay motivated and get in the
workouts that we feel we deserve? That is an extreme amount of stress that we are putting on our Central Nervous System (CNS), which in turn can have a negative effect on how our immune system and other parts of our bodies fight off COVID-19 and other bugs.
One of the best ways to combat stress and anxiety is to MOVE!!! Breaking up that
negative energy wherever it is living in your body can add amazing benefits to more than just your physical health. But what do we do when those ways of moving start to become dull and maintaining motivation is an uphill battle within itself?
Here are 5 ways to get creative with your workouts during quarantine:

1. Give yourself a weekly/biweekly goal
Create a deadline for any short-term fitness goal. Now is the time to finally nail that perfect
push up. Why not run a little further than we did yesterday or beat last weeks’ personal
record (PR). What about that yoga pose/poses that you’ve been struggling with for the past
6 months and haven’t had the time to really put in the practice you need? The point is to
push yourself. Finding empowerment in these accomplishments no matter how great or
small are fantastic for building self-confidence and of course, relieving anxiety and stress.

2. Workout with Friends and Family!
Wait…what? You know we can’t be near our friends and loved ones right now, right?
Duhhhh guys! But that doesn’t mean you can’t see your friends and family.
Set up a video call with your best buds, dad or Aunt Marsha and have a sweat sesh
together. Each person can be responsible for creating a 10-15minute circuit, giving each of
you a chance to spend some time together while kicking each other’s butts with fitness!
3. Find a new way to move
Creatures of habit, humans are! As much as we love our fitness routines, sometimes it is
necessary to mix things up. Not only does keeping the body guessing create more
opportunity for success in our specific fitness goals. It also stimulates the brain, breaking us
out of the usual exercises that we are prone to gravitate towards. Finding a new way to
move, whether it be taking a dance class online, learning martial arts, or juggling while
hopping up and down on one leg and playing the harmonica. You are essentially challenging
yourself and setting yourself up for more success in more ways than you think.
4. Change of Scenery
Yes, we are cooped up in our homes during this quarantine. Sometimes for more than one
day at a time before we need to venture out and take on the grocery store or get some
sunlight. When working out at home, whether you live in an apartment, a house, or a tree,
sometimes our designated sweat areas can become stale and uninviting. So, change the
scenery! See what happens when you move your workout space to somewhere else in your
residence. Do you have rooftop access in your apartment building? Hey, I wonder how I can
use the hallway for todays’ workout? Or kill two birds with one stone and crush some calf
raises while cooking dinner tonight. Utilizing more spaces while moving your body can really
open up the door to creativity and even give you a different perspective on a certain area.
5. Be Still
Yep, you read it correctly. Just be still. Let’s face it, our brains are on stimulation overload.
Whether, you’re on your phone, watching tv or sending emails, your Central Nervous
System (CNS) is constantly in the fight or flight phase. Therefore, creating an abundance of
the stress hormone, cortisol which is released into body and a direct cause of fat
accumulation. Restorative yoga is a practice that uses poses and props to get you in the
most comfortable positions possible. Allowing you to accomplish deep relaxation while
quieting the mind and, you guessed it! Slowing down the production of cortisol and
reducing your chances of holding on to fat. So, take care of your mental health and CNS
while laying like lettuce.
Give these tips a try and see how they help your levels of anxiety and stress. These are
challenging times, but we can make the most of it by simply taking care of ourselves and
each other.
Looking for more?  Contact Brittni today!

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