• Find a Personal Trainer,
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    Find a Personal Trainer,
    Fitness Instructor Or Nutritionist In Your NYC Zip Code Continue reading
  • Find a Personal Trainer,
    Fitness Instructor Or Nutritionist In Your NYC Zip Code Continue reading
  • Personal trainers help people achieve their goals

    Find a Personal Trainer,
    Fitness Instructor Or Nutritionist In Your NYC Zip Code Continue reading

Trainer Feedback & Success Stories

  • The following are examples of feedback both trainers and clients have expressed about NeighborhoodTrainers.

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    “It (the session) went great, and I was so happy to meet Danny. I hope to start training him 2x a week 🙂 I’m very happy to have [NeighborhoodTrainers] working for me!- KB

    “Hi Glenn, I met with the client you called me about the other day. So far he purchased 10 sessions. We’ll probably meet 4 times per week.  Thanks again”-MS

    I have been a trainer for over 5 years. I worked at the busiest Equinox in Manhattan. When I left I was looking to expand my business and joined a few sites promising me clients. I signed up with 3 different companies throughout my 2 years being independent and none delivered what they promised. I came across Neighborhood Trainer and spoke to Glenn ( CEO ) First, I was shocked I was able to reach him directly and so easily and how nice he is. He was very thorough and pleasant that I had to try it and it was the best decision I ever made. His site is the most effective and productive site for acquiring clients. Since I signed up 3 months ago believe it or not I got 5 new clients – THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE AND AMAZING TO ME. I cant believe I went from 8 sessions per week to 18 sessions per week and not only did I gain new client base but Glenn called to check on me, this is PRICELESS TO ME !!! You just feel he cares about his business and he has earned my respect. This site really works – Dont waste your time with another company this is the ONE!!! I made more money with this site than any site out there – IT SIMPLY WORKS !!!!! YOU MUST TRY IT OUT OR SOMEONE ELSE WILL STEAL YOUR CLIENTS !!!!”

    “Your web site is great. I’m only temporarily in NYC and don’t know enough people to get a recommendation for trainer. I just did Google searches, but the results are all over the map, so took me another couple of months to start looking again. Someone at work here in NYC told me about your site last week, and this week I have a trainer.”

    “I have heard back from him. Met for a consultation, and already had our first session! He’s awesome!”

    “My experience with Neighborhood Trainers has been very positive and I plan to recommend it to friends. Lisa responded promptly – within 2 hours of my submission on your site and I’ve already met with her for an evaluation session.” -K

    Got another client from NT. Now I am three for three. Woo hoo!!!!!! -AW

    “I’m thrilled to report to you that I am working with a great client from neighborhood trainers who contacted me within my second month on the site. So, THANK YOU. It works!” -DW

    “The latest inquiry I had turned into a client this morning. Thanks for helping me keep my head in the game.” -TC

    “Just wanted to let you know that a woman contacted me a couple weeks ago in search of a trainer. I met with her today and she is buying a package tomorrow. ANOTHER 2-3x a week client. Woo hoo!!! So thankful I signed up for this. Many thanks!!!” -AW

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    “I got it he signed up. You have no idea how much this helps me. Your site really took me out of financial jam lol and made my transition from [gym name] easier thanks again.” -JW

    “Thanks for checking in. I heard back from Mark right away, scheduled a session for the following day and Mark and I have been going strong every since! I love your service and greatly appreciate your following up.” -KS

    “I have received it and scheduled a meeting tomorrow. Thanks this website is awesome!” -JW

    “We had our first session and it turned into a long-term venture.” -JB

    I received (the lead) and replied to the email, & we have our. 1st session on Sat!” -AB

    “I want to thank you so much for putting me in touch with Maleena and your wonderful website…I dont know many people in this city but then it occurred to me i am apart of a huge community of mums” down town”… and who better needs to shed pounds then us! So i have a bit of momentum in creating my own group of mums which Maleena will train once a week… Hopefully starting next week. Thanks again!

    I could not have done this without your website, Neighborhoodtrainers.” -SW

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    “Thank you. I did a simple [zip code] search and found several options.”- NN

    You’ve Got To Be Seen.
    “Hello, I live in XXXXX and I am looking for a personal trainer to conduct training sessions with me in my apartment gym. I am a formerly obese XX year old that lost 80lbs several years ago, and I now want to take my body to that “next level”. This somehow evades me. Although I”ve managed to stay thin, I”m not fit. I want 2011 to be MY year to finally acheive this. Please let me know if you would be interested in speaking further. I would want to train Sat/Sun late morning & then one day during the week in the evening. Thanks for your time. Best, XXXXX”
    Levi was one of three trainers this person contacted. Levi was the only one she contacted on NeighborhoodTrainers. After meeting with all three trainers, they chose Levi!

    One Equals Three
    “Please send me an email with your contact info. I am looking for a personal trainer asap.”
    After seeing Rod’s profile on NeighborhoodTrainers, they contacted Rod and began training with him twice a week. After a few sessions, Rod picked up another new client in this person’s gym. One contact fulfilled 3 weekly sessions on Rod’s schedule.

    Building Long-Term Relationships
    “Hi Mark. I live in XXXXX and am interested in Personal Training and Fitness Boxing. Would love to do a combination of both. My goal is weightloss as well as more energy. I do have a gym in the building and would like to use that. Can we meet up or talk. Please let me know. Email or phone is fine. Thanks XXXXX”
    Eight months later, Mark is still training this client regularly

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