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    Find a Personal Trainer,
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  • Find a Personal Trainer,
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    Find a Personal Trainer,
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Stop looking - start with AngelaAngela has been my trainer for four and a half years. She gets results and I am 100% satisfied! She is serious, accepting, motivating, flexible, and inspiring. She is unrelenting in her challenges for me to continually improve my fitness and adapts quickly to any changes. Her sense of humor and flexibility only makes it that much more worth it. I highly recommend Angela - a superb professional who will make you look and feel better!
- Laura Johnson
Angela Blackwood is Great!I have been working with Angela for just over three weeks now and I have already noticed a huge difference. She is tough, but motivating and is helping me reach my goal of losing weight and getting in shape. She's been great and I hope to work with her for a long time to come. Danielle
- DM
Your web site is great. I just did Google searches, but the results are all over the map, so took me another couple of months to start looking again. I’m only temporarily in NYC and don’t know enough people to get a recommendation for trainer. Someone at work here in NYC told me about your site last week, and this week I have a trainer.
- Dave
“All the trainers that I contacted all reached out to me in a perfect time matter. i was very impressed. I thought the website was excellent! Easy to use and on point. “-
- JS
“Your service is INVALUABLE!”-
- AD
Mark is Great! I Love Your Service!. I heard back from Mark right away, scheduled a session for the following day and Mark and I have been going strong every since! I love your service and greatly appreciate your following up.
- KS
“Your website was very easy and functional... I really like the whole zip code concept. It is very convenient and saves time looking for a trainer.”
- MG
“Neighborhood Trainers is an excellent resource. As someone who values fitness, but does not want to spend a lot of time looking for a trainer, this site gives me the convenience - and accuracy - of quickly finding a qualified trainer in my area. The site is easy to navigate, complemented by a lot of helpful information. Definitely a great destination for trainers, and people interested in hiring a wellness professional.”
- AA
Personal TrainerWithin one month i was able to book a substantial client thought neighborhood trainer. Client contacted me, we set a time and place to meet, he tried my workout method and it was a match. Thank you Neighborhood Trainer, looking forward to more great clients. Mikel Grazdani
- Mikel Grazdani
Had my first training session tonight. Very excited about it. Your web site is great. I’m only temporarily in NYC and don’t know enough people to get a recommendation for trainer. I just did Google searches, but the results are all over the map, so took me another couple of months to start looking again. Someone at work here in NYC told me about your site last week, and this week I have a trainer.
- Dave
Quayshawn RossQ is dedicated to providing service and personal attention of unparalleled excellence but most importantly you will get results. He is highly respected and has an impeccable reputation. My weight loss goal was to loose 35 lbs. After working out with Q for only two months I have losed 17lbs. He is highly skilled yet his rates are very competitive. If you're looking for a trainer who is qualified, motivating and charismatic Quayshawn Ross is the way to go! Skevah Culley
- Skevah Culley
-Personal Outlook“I realized that training is not the entire story when working towards total fitness. Training/Fitness is more than exercise – it is diet, lifestyle and personal outlook combined”.
“Loved the site - made it very easy to find a trainer offering exactly what I was looking for.”
- GR
A Holistic Style approach“Along with personal training, I’ve met with a Dietician and Wellness Coach. I honestly feel that their holistic approach to fitness is the most effective. it’s great having this super team of professionals working together to get me healthy”.
WOW!I went for my assesement and I was really amazed how Anthony showed me the steps I needed to get my body in shape. He took me through a really good workout routine to get my body in shape. The next day I was little sore but it was a good feeling. Let me tell you, I will be going back to him because he made me realize how important it is to get in shape. So give him a call, email, text whatever you will be amazed. I know I was.
- Vanessa Brown
Success...!“Stronger Health Fitness has played a huge success in my weight loss. Prior to SHF I would go to the gym and see no results. I signed up for the package that included Nutrition, Life Coaching, and Personal Training and each one played an integral part in my very busy schedule. At your first consultation they will take the time to match you with the right person to help you achieve your goals. I would recommend my three consultants because they all went above and beyond my expectations”.
Amazing energy!!Amazing energizing boxing session.
- Jazz
I really like your website - it's concise and allows you to search efficiently.”
- SV
Personal TrainerLisa has been a great help with strength and balance issues - despite age and health issues. Her attitude has been positive and she has been flexible re scheduling and workout options. A real find.
- Lisa Snow
Bootcamp classesI have done a few of the outdoor bootcamp classes in Central Park and they were just great!!! So much fun, you forget you're working out!
- Leonie S
Outstanding Business ToolAs a studio owner and Personal Trainer this site has been an outstanding way for me to grow my training business and highlight my studio
- Wally Oldham - Studio Owner/Trainer
Great Trainer!I started to train with Anthony Jones In March of 2013 and I must say, I feel the need to continue. I feel very good about my experience with him. I've learned how to live a healthier lifestyle not just through eating , but also through physical education. I always look forward to my sessions. Each session with Anthony has brought me closer and closer to my goal. Even after I reach my goal, I will continue to have him as my trainer.
- Shauna Brown
“The experience has been great. Neighborhood Trainers really is a great website and I would highly recom-mend it to someone who is looking to find the right trainer for their specific fitness goals.”
- RB
LifeStule Workout!I have to say that training with John Cintron has been a very positive and motivating experience for me. Keeping a busy schedule with three boys, enrolled full time in a Master's degree and working part time, John Cintron found the perfect workout routine for me based on my personal individualized needs. He is not only extremely professional in his training but is continuously motivating. I lost 18.5 lbs in a matter of two 2.5 months of dedication and hard work. John focused on my goals and I have a great workout routine in the comfort of my own home! A great trainer combined hard work pays off...who says we cannot be Super Moms!!!! You are a beast John....that is what makes you GREAT at what you do!
- Maritza Burgos
Personal meets Professional!Thanks to Neighborhood Trainer and Glenn's personal commitment and care for the success of trainers and site members, My membership has given me fantastic clients and exposure, in addition to more than paying for itself!
- Caitlin Venedam, Platinum Fitness NYC
My Life Coach!“I’m in-house counsel. I have a very demanding and stressful job. I have found that I have become much calmer at work just after a few sessions working with my Life Coach!”
The best workout I ever had If your Serious about loosing weight Irvin is your guy, he was very Dedicated to my personal needs I left the gym feeling totally amazing tired but amazing 🙂
- Jozanne
Must ReadSuper Bowl 23. I catch two passes, we win the game. Sound great? I could have kept going. But I left to go to medical school. How does that sound? Quite a challenge. I altered and dedicated my life to becoming a surgeon. But of course, along the way I have unavoidably become a fitness and wellness expert myself. And I understand the physiology of muscle dynamics as well as the nutrition, rest and other things designed for healthy living. Now comes the testimonial. I met Phillip a few years back, and he added immensely to my baseline. Nobody can touch him, nobody even comes close, don't even think about it. John Frank
- John Frank, MD
"I thought neighborhood trainers was a fantastic resource - I'm so glad I stumbled across it in my googling! - and I've already shared the site with several friends."
- Marie
James is a great trainer!James was able to motivate me wit every workout. I got in shape in 2 months and lost 10 pounds and body fat. He is great-especially for beginners!
- NP
"I have been on this site for a few years now and have gotten several serious clients. Close to half of my business has come from this wonderful marketing tool. Just a couple of training sessions will pay for an entire year on this website so it's pretty much a no brainer."
- Cara
Best trainer ever I have worked with countless trainers throughout my life and have never stuck with one for more than a couple of weeks. Iv been training with Brian since January and cannot imagine not meeting with him 3 times a week. He is constantly challenging my body and thinking of new and innovative ways to get me on better shape. You owe it to yourself to try him out !
- Julianna Melamed
My experience with Neighborhood Trainers has been very positive and I plan to recommend it to friends. Lisa responded promptly - within 2 hours of my submission on your site and I've already met with her for an evaluation session.
- KZ
Great Site!What a great way to find a trainer. The site is easy to use and has loads of great information. Perfect for all your fitness needs!
- Steven shapiro
Feeling great from head to toe! Since training with Barbara, I can honestly say that I've never felt better. As a musician who tours extensively, performing in concerts for three hours at a time, my energy and stamina have increased dramatically. And particularly important to me as a guitarist, I have also seen a huge improvement in my posture. Her training style is organic and fluid, with lots of exercises that combine strength, balance, and flexibility. Every week, the routine progresses and changes. It's always new, fun and interesting, and challenging at the same time. I'm really starting, as if by magic, to feel great from head to toe. I can't say enough good things about her.
- Trey Anastasio of Phish and Hands on a Hardbody
Getting in shape againEric has gotten me excited again about working out after my twins were born. The workouts are intense & fun & i always feel great after. Would definitely recommend.
- Maryana
The road we must chooseFirst and for most I want to thank God for the Education and the Experience and gift that Ive recieved. Then thank Glenn for opening up this site Most of all you guys the client for stepping up to the road of fittness. Most of all the road we choose must be the one to a better health. Come on America we owe it to our selves. Thank you
- PT Anthony Jones
Lisa Snow Rocks!!!!I have been working with Lisa now for over four years. She is the best, most persistent and gentle trainer for someone like me who has been out of shape all his life. Lisa you are the cats whiskers! Thanks for everything.
- anjan
I have heard back from him. Met for a consultation, and already had our fist session! Hes awesome!
- DJ
Stressed“As a corporate professional working in Network Television, my self-image is everything. imagine my concern after gaining 20 lbs from all of the daily stress. I signed -up for the Wellness, Nutritionist, Trainer package and I am so happy that I did”.
independent personal trainergreat resource site for independent trainers. he has a very comprehensive list of gyms i can go to around the city. glenn was very helpful - he gave me the name of a gym owner I needed to be connected with, thanks. eric
"Glenn Dickstein's Neighborhood Trainers has been a very valuable tool in helping build my personal training and Bootcamp business. Neighborhood Trainers gives independent trainers and their potential clients exactly what they need: an introduction. Finding clients in a city like New York can be tough, but Glenn's site makes it easy. Neighborhood Trainers offers clients the ability to search for trainers by location, training style, injury expertise and many more criteria. This site definitely makes me, as a fitness professional, feel as though I stand out in a bug way. In fact, Glenn personally put me in touch with a private client I've been training now for 3 years. It is this personal attention and professionalism that sets  Neighborhood Trainers apart from other similar resources. They all fall far behind. Thank you, Glenn and Neighborhood Trainers."
- JB
NBT is value-add to the Personal Training industry.Neighborhood Trainer delivers great value for personal trainers that are looking to develop their business!
James Ford is an AWESOME trainerI was looking for a little motivation and wound up with a completely new way of thinking! James is so full of energy and knowledge that our workouts were both fun and educational. I saw results almost immediately and got stronger with every session. He is also versatile and adjusts workout for your pre-agreed upon goals. Love love love James!
- DocMahogany