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    Find a Personal Trainer,
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  • Find a Personal Trainer,
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    Find a Personal Trainer,
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Gene Kovalinski

Personal Trainer , Nutritionist , Health Coach

Days available to train
Mon-Fri : Mornings, Daytime, Evenings, Sat-Sun : Mornings , Daytime , Evenings ,
Years of experience:
10+ Years
Cert. Agency/ Degree:

About me
Fitness has been an indispensable part of my life for the last 14 years, from which 11 years I've been helping people to get the best results from fitness training. As a former powerlifting and fitness competitor based on my experience and knowledge I will bring the best results and satisfaction to your wants and needs.

24/7 Consultation
(212) 390-0308

Client Reviews
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Eugene is AMAZING trainer!!!Over the years I have worked with a number of trainers.But, I have had my BEST results while working with Eugene. For the first time I felt and saw that you can have significant results within a short period of just 12 weeks! Of course it takes the efforts of the client too but then it becomes more of an issue of how dramatic your results will be rather than nothing at all. Working with Eugene gave me the opportunity to experience the different styles of training and it kept me from becoming bored. It definitely makes you feel that it is worth the payment. I personally never had problems with Eugene and recommend him very highly.! - Will Hunt
If you're looking for the best, then look no further!Eugene helped me not only enjoying the workout but also to achieve my best result of my life. I absolutely and strongly recommend! - Louis Guny
Trainer who changed my life!I'm not afraid to say it! Eugene is the trainer who changed my life!!! We have been training for years, and not only he made me fall in love with fitness butfitness became my lifestyle. Before my only hobby was drinking my butt off at the local bars after work, and eating nothing but fried chicken and pizza(bachelors will understand me). Eugene was the one who explained me all the benefits of healthy foods and helped me with structuring my diet which not only transformed my body but made me feel like a new man!! Long story short, Eugene knows and loves what he does, and I referred him to all my friends! - Andrew Cuban
Super ProfessionalEugene is very professional and I look forward to workout with him every single time. He helped me achieve my goal and really motivates me. He pushes me hard and at the same time he's very supportive. Strong recommend! - Michelle Hutorsky

My Training style
Drill Sargeant
Motivational Speaker
I work with people who are
New to fitness
Already exercising regularly
Returning after a long layoff from regular exercise
My training environment
Residential Building Gym
Outdoors (Park/Track)
Office Building Gym
Corporate Events
My Private Studio
Trainer's only Gym
Client Home (client's equipment)
Will Travel
Yoga style I practice (for yoga instructors only)
I have experience with injuries to the following areas
Muscle tears
I have experience with the following medical conditions
High Blood Pressure
Cardiovascular Disease
I have experience with the following special populations
First Timers
Unmotivated Individuals
Pre/Post Natal
Adults with Special Needs
I have special certifications in
Health & Fitness specialist
I have experience with the following sports/ training specific goals
Boot Camp
Weight Loss
Functional Training
Body Building
Power Lifting
Heart Rate Training
Session lengths available
30 min
60 min
90 min
Payment method preference
Credit/Debit Card
I offer a complimentary first meeting of an
Initial 30 Minute Consultation
Fitness Assessment
Language Spoken
Additional certifications I have received
Bachelor's Degree
I have training privileges at the following gyms
Soho and Union Square area
Current specials
Free phone consultation & Discounted first session
Discount packages available
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Areas Available to Train in ( city zip code/ area listings)
10025 , 10024 , 10023 , 10029 , 10128 , 10028 , 10075 , 10021 , 10065 , 10019 , 10011 , 10001 , 10018 , 10036 , 10118 , 10119 , 10120 , 10121 , 10122 , 10123 , 10103 , 10104 , 10105 , 10106 , 10107 , 10110 , 10111 , 10112 , 10020 , 10022 , 10003 , 10017 , 10016 , 10010 , 10009 , 10158 , 10151 , 10152 , 10153 , 10154 , 10155 , 10156 , 10055 , 10165 , 10166 , 10167 , 10168 , 10169 , 10170 , 10171 , 10172 , 10173 , 10174 , 10175 , 10176 , 10177 , 10178 , 10004 , 10005 , 10006 , 10038 , 10007 , 10002 , 10013 , 10012 , 10014 , 10278 , 10279 , 10270 , 10271 , 10041 , 10280 , 10281 , 10282
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