• Find a Personal Trainer,
    Fitness Instructor Or Nutritionist In Your NYC Zip Code Continue reading
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    Find a Personal Trainer,
    Fitness Instructor Or Nutritionist In Your NYC Zip Code Continue reading
  • Find a Personal Trainer,
    Fitness Instructor Or Nutritionist In Your NYC Zip Code Continue reading
  • Personal trainers help people achieve their goals

    Find a Personal Trainer,
    Fitness Instructor Or Nutritionist In Your NYC Zip Code Continue reading

Choosing a NYC Personal Trainer

Congratulations! You’ve made a decision about your fitness goals and have decided that it is time to enlist the services of a personal trainer. Whether this is a short term solution( a few weeks or months,) to help you get started and develop a plan, or a long sustained fitness relationship (years) you are looking at, you need to figure out what you goals and needs are.

How long do you want to work with a trainer?  Is this a short term relationship of weeks or a few months to get you moving in the right direction? Or have you decided that doing this alone just is not an option and you need the support, knowledge, and motivation of a trainer beside you. Several factors may contribute to this answer: goals, current health, finances, time, etc. You may to save this question and answer it last.

What are your goals?  Is it to lose weight? Is it to run a 5k or a marathon? Is it to be in shape for the upcoming high school reunion? Motivation comes in strange ways, but one thing remains the same. You want to look and feel good about yourself.

What are your needs?  A previous injury, current medical condition, or sports specific goal could be a reason for the need to be very choosy when deciding on a personal trainer or instructor.  If so, you can use the advanced search function to find your best match.

Where do you want to exercise?  All of the fitness professionals listed on NeighborhoodTrainer.com are independent trainers and instructors.  They can meet with you wherever you need them to be.  They can come to your home, the gym in your building, meet you in the park, their own private studio, or they can find a place in your area that allows independent trainers to use their facility to train clients.  Just like your needs, every trainer has different options.

When do you want to exercise?  With an independent fitness trainer, “store hours” are less of a concern.  They can meet you at home, so you can exercise while the kids are doing their homework.  You can get a great workout right in your own living room.  Find a window of time that you can regularly commit to exercise that is least likely to interfere with other activities. Set aside this scheduled time just for you and don’t plan on using every excuse to wriggle out of it.

How do you want to exercise? Whether you want the drill sargeant, motivational speaker, cheerleader, or sounding board style of trainer, forget life’s concerns for 60 minutes and be put to the test. Personal Trainers can wear many hats at once, but it is important for you to feel comfortable and feel like you can be yourself, shortcomings and all. You should be looking forward to your next workout with your trainer. If you are not comfortable with them, this may not be the case, and your path to your goals will be impeded.

Do you have any medical restrictions?  These must be disclosed and considered when making your choice.  New York City is filled with personal trainers and fitness instructors of all levels and experiences.  There is no need to settle for someone who isn’t up to the task of treating your condition properly.   You don’t want to do something that can aggravate an existing condition.

What is your price range?  Personal Trainers’ rates can very widely. Years of experience, multiple certifications, and demand for their time are just a few reasons that one trainer may be more expensive than another. Trainers of equal ability may have different price points for various reasons. However, that does not mean that the best trainers are the most expensive. You may or may not need to pay up for a trainer with additional certifications, but even if you do, you still have choices. Remember, you are choosing what is best for YOU!

One final thought on price range. Most trainer’s have special pricing for purchasing multiple sessions at once or introductory packages. This can have significant effects on your budget for personal training.

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