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Monthly NYC Fitness Newsletter Archives

Below is a list of some of our past newsletters. Each month is jam-packed with fitness and wellness tips from your friendly NeighborhoodTrainer.

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January 2013
Write Your Goals Down & Take Pictures by Nick Brucker
Get Svelte for Summer by Brett Cohen
Exploring NYC’s Personal Training Gyms: Core Fitness
A New Year’s Challenge by Amanda Edell
Resolve to Banish the Pain by Lisa Snow
Grab Some Friends or Make New Ones With Small Group Training by Hal Miller
Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Fail…& How to Make Results Stick by William Trimble
5 Reasons New Year’s Resolutions Often Fail by Joshua Margolis

December 2012
8 Healthy Holiday Survival Tips by Roya Sarraf
Exploring NYC’s Personal Training Gyms: Atomic Total Fitness by Chris Granville
Cartier: To Your Health by Phillip Tomlinson
The Ultimate Workout for the Ultimate YOU! by Brett Cohen
Exercise Ball Workout Videos by Rachel Shasha

November 2012
Stronger CORE Stronger Body by Will Wright
Exploring New York’s Personal Training Gyms: Titan Fitness Studios by Chris Granville
Working Out While the Power is Out by Ilana Milstein
Healthy Food Items For Inclimate Weather by Lisa Snow

October 2012
Your Fitness Doesn’t Have to Fall This Autumn by Amber Sayer
Add One New Healthy Food Each Week by Lisa Snow
The Glycemic Index and You- Tips to Change Your Life by Meredith Stewart
Lubrication for the Long Haul by Phillip Tomlinson
A New York City Personal Trainer’s Guide to Gym Jive- Part II by Brett Cohen

September 2012
Stand Up Regularly & Avoid A Death Sentence by Phillip Tomlinson
Injury Prevention By Roody Dallemand
4 Simple Tips for A Healthy Start by Meredith Stewart
A New York City Personal Trainer’s Guide to Gym Jive by Brett Cohen
Fuel Use During Exercise by Roya Sarraf
You’re Only as Strong as Your Weakest Link by Will Wright

August 2012
Some of the Best Exercises Require Little or No Equipment by Amber Sayer
Family Training Sessions by Ilana Milstein
Breathe New Life into Your Exercise Routine by Lisa Lawston
10 Outdoor Exercising Tips by Joshua Margolis
Have You Earned a Workout Vacation by Lisa Snow
Still Trying to Lose The Last 10 Pounds by Meredith Stewart

July 2012
Adding a Little Spice To Your Life by Phillip Tomlinson
Top 3 Things I Tell My Clients by Ilana Milstein
Workout Partner or Personal Trainer by Lisa Snow
Which Milk is Right For You by Roya Sarraf

June 2012
The One-Two Punch by Phillip Tomlinson
Don’t Do The Robot, Get To Know The Matrix by Andrea Parkinson
The Magic Pill by Lisa Snow
Use What You Already Have To Get Fit by Joshua Margolis

May 2012
Get Outside by Mike Riordan
Pace Yourself by Justin Walker
Five Fixes by Brett Cohen
Central Park, the only gym you will ever need by Joshua Margolis
Three Simple Rules by Michael Schletter
Don’t be a Cardio King/Queen by Bryan Ortiz
Jump Rope- The Ultimate Cardio by  Lisa Snow
Anywhere 5 Minute Fitness Options by Ilana Milstein
More Time in the Day For Exercise by Roya Sarraf

April 2012
Show Your Bones (You Love Them) by Andrea Parkinson
The Not So Awful Truth About Stilettos by Megwyn White
Become A Golf Swing Machine by Brett Cohen
A Super Supplement For A Super You by Phillip Tomlinson
Snacking Wisely by Meredith Stewart
Sharing A Succes Story by Ilana Milstein
Top 5 Benefits of Boot Camp by Lisa Snow

March 2012
Health Benefits of Yoga by Lisa Neilsen
Get The Golf Swing Ready For Spring by Brett Cohen
Energize! Your Health Depends On It by Phillip Tomlinson
Practice Perfect Posture On The Subway by Rachel Shasha
Spring Cleaning Your Insides by Meredith Stewart
Shave Off Body Fat by James Lee

February 2012
Learn To Manage Your Cravings in 2012 by Lisa Neilsen
Eat Gold and Enjoy Superhuman Health by Phillip Tomlinson
What Should I Eat? by Andrea Parkinson
Stretching is A Must Do by Ausar Paumamki

January 2012
Do Something! Start Something by James Lee
The World’s #1 Fruit, The Banana by Roya Sarraf
Overcome Your Biggest Obstacle by Phillip Tomlinson
Successful Planning by Ilana Milstein
And Now Winter Really Begins: Exercise SAD Away! by Andrea Shasgus Parkinson
Qi Gong and Yoga that Protect us from the Cold by Ausar Paumamki
Low GI tip: Keep Your Net Carbs to Single Digits by Meredith Riley Stewart
Top Five Reasons New Year’s Resolutions To Be Healthier Often Fail by Joshua Margolis
The Body’s Learning Curve by Nicki Miller

December 2011
Healthy Snack at 4pm, Eat Less Later by Lisa Grossman
Wake to Water! by Jim Becker
Holiday Health “Damage Control” by Andrea Parkinson
Reaching For The Green Could Be Life Changing by Phillip Tomlinson
More Holiday Cheer, Less Guilt by Scott Cooper
Fit Over 50- Shoulder Mobility by Lisa Snow
December is About Maintenance by Meredith Riley Stewart

November 2011

Looking for versatility in a grain? by Phillip Tomlinson
Dehydration by Nina Carras
Stay On Track This Thanksgiving by Meredith Riley Stewart
Average American Gains 7 to 10 pounds Over The Holidays by Joshua Margolis
Healthier Thanksgiving by Lisa Snow
Hydrate Your Turkey Dinner Christine O’day
Don’t Take Seconds on Anything by Nicki Miller

October 2011
Feeling Slouchy & Lethargic? by Andrea Parkinson
How Good is Your Yogurt? by Meredith Stewart
A Try-fecta of Tips by Amanda Rose Walsh
Exercise With Friends by Joshua Margolis
Exercise, Meditation for PMS by Roya Sarraf
The Clean 15

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