• Allan Lewis
    Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Nutritionist, Group Fitness Instructor, Massage Therapist, Health Coach, Running Coach, Boxing Coach
    Having a personal trainer is often perceived as a luxury but i make it a necessity as my fundamentals stem from the fact that its not all about "muscles" and "looks" but also strength and endurance.

    If you are on this page looking for a personal trainer, look no further. I can guarantee you the results that you deserve while executing a custom tailored training program. Initial assessment and session are on me. Contact me if you want to change your life.

    Hope to hear from you soon..... :)
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      I've become much more comfortable in my new body. Having turned 50 and losing the weight at the same time was an adjustment. I was afraid of looking older without my plump face. I didn't want to look like one of the little old ladies that I see all the time at my gym. I don't feel that way anymore. I let the chubby person go and I never want to feel or look that way again. I've gained so much more definition. My entire life, my back was a slab of fat. I'm actually seeing the muscles! I always liked my legs but now,it is weird to not have the extra fat on my thighs and they don't rub most of the time! I love my arms and the flab is actually going away.Shaving under my arms is different! I could probably wear sleeveless tops and look way better then a lot of people but I'm not 100% there yet. My favorite is my collarbones! I feel like that is my badge of honor. I always had a thick neck. necklaces actually hang different on me. You have the same collarbones. I feel like it's a sign of a fit person! Last is my stomach. On my first session, I told you it was hereditary and nothing could be done! Boy, did you know otherwise! My stomach is still my biggest focus. It's my barometer of how i feel. The difference now is,It always feel like a miracle and i can't believe it's my stomach. When my stomach feels firm,I am so proud, My brother always had the flattest stomach and I love that now I know what it feels like. If the waist on my clothes feel tight at all then it can effect my whole day. It can make me want to give up on all the work. It seems like I will always have a degree of fat. I try to keep the faith that I can get rid of it. I worked thru tennis elbow,plantar faciatis,and probably other things. Each time handling it better. Knowing that if I follow instructions then I will recover. I see people power thru their injuries and they never fully heal. Next is the external transformation! Getting divorced was definately not on my list when I singed up! I knew that I was in an unhealthy relationship,unhealthy surroundings, and being verbally abused daily. I couldn't see my way out and just accepted that this was my life. I didn't think I was entitled to better and I took what I could get. *You changed everything* I always felt hefty(masculine to a degree), I always felt like I had certain qualities that men would like but I never came across anyone that really appreciated who I am. I also had no idea how to relate to men,not understanding them at all. Always thinking that they really have no interest because of how I look. During my entire training, I was changing my body and losing weight but you were also building my confidence,self worth, ability to feel like a normal even attractive woman. You being the most dynamic,charismatic,people person (an expert in dealing with all types of men and woman) seeing the world from an attractive man's point of view! To accept me for who I am(and even being completely myself, no holding back with you!). Not only accepting and liking me but caring about me and complimenting me on how I look. The only man to ever do all that. (for now)!!! This has shown me that I'm worthy and that there will be someone out there that will do the same.Someone that can appreciate me for who I am and find me attractive. Seeing how you have such a great relationship and how you treat Sona,I realized how I needed to get out of mine. My parents made this possible. I know that they are so grateful to you and they know that you are the driving force of all things positive in my life. Training with you each week was my survival. I could unload my stress and you kept me moving foward when I wanted to die. I know it wasn't easy for you. There was 1 session that I was all consumed by everything going on. You stood by the rack in such a way and basically said "tell me everything" You always listen 100% to everything I say but I'll never forget leaving and thinking how incredible that was. I love that you still keep me moving forward when I could easily still focus on the past. The greatest reward is my relationship with Chase. I will always be grateful to you for this too. I was living with someone who prevented me from being at my true potential as a mom. Even though it is so physically and mentally demanding, I am a great mom. My therapist reinforces this and is helping guide me to shed the negative influences of his father. Chase has been thru a lot in the past 2 years and he is strong like his mom! I know that he needs to lose weight and I am helping him to care about his health and his body. It's complicated at his age. I just want you to know that I'm working on it and I'm open to any help from you. So I am amazed at my stamina and strength. I feel great in my classes. I love how nice and supportive everyone is at Titan. I love being part of that world. Even though I struggle with moderation,I could never eat unhealthy again. As expensive and time consuming as this is, I can't eat processed food. I feel so great eating clean. It shows in my skin and my energy level immediately. To start a lifestyle of eating this way at my age is so important. I've done so much damage to my body in the past. At my age, everyone is most concerned with preventing cancer,osteoporosis etc. Changing the way I eat is another huge gift from you. I love how you refuse to have me follow any gimmicks or short cuts. It's just simple and works. I know sugar is addicting for me. You believe that I will be able to manage it. That gives me hope. I feel so much more at ease now and I know that any change in a workout or something I eat will not alter my body instantly. I have the discipline and the desire to live a healthy lifestyle hopefully for the rest of my life. I've proven that I can do it for the last 3 years-no matter what. You've shown me ,time after time,that it's worth it. Since I met you,I've always felt like the luckiest girl in the world(that you were sent to me from above)! My huge investment and sacrifice that I make to train with you, I consider small compared to the investment that you have made in transforming me. Well, maybe not that small!!! I hope you're as excited to see what my future holds as I am!!!! Much love and gratitude, Jodibaer!

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