• David Cash
    Personal Trainer , Group Fitness Instructor , Health Coach , Boxing Coach
    I grew up in NYC near Columbia University. Both of my parents are professors. I played HS basketball and have always been a yoga and fitness enthusiast. I went to the University of Michigan where I majored in religious studies. After college I retuned to NYC to become a pre-school teacher. After some deep soul-searching I decided to follow a career in fitness which was a passion for me. I got hired by Equinox and worked there for 4 years. Luckily for me there were a lot of amazing trainers working there at that time and I was constantly asking them questions. Keeping a beginner's mind, ceaselessly asking questions, and being willing to be wrong are still cornerstones of my training, teaching, and learning philosophy. After 4 years at Equinox I decided to branch out and go into business for myself which was one of the best decisions of my life. I recently created "Breathe Here Now Fitness" to expand my business and more adequately reflect the vibe of my training style. I teach a workshop called "The Art of Slowing Down," because I love helping people breathe and relax and get out of the fight or flight state that so many of us get stuck in. Though I love teaching what I call Yin modalities (as in Yin and Yang) such as Qi Gong, Coherent Breathing, and Yoga...I also love bringing out the athlete in everyone I train using Yang modalities such as the TRX, the Kettlebells, Animal Flow, and Convict Conditioning. I love getting my clients to enjoy the intensity of exercise without making fitness something that must be survived as a means to an end. I absolutely love my job and I am devoted to my clients. I consider myself kind of a life coach, because I tend to guide my clients through the emotional process of getting more in touch with their bodies, as well helping them handle the psychology of eating, moving, and breathing. Work with me if you want your training session to be an open hearted expansive experience. If we are a good fit we will know it and I will put my heart and soul into helping you achieve your fitness and life goals.
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      Dave has been my trainer for over 1 year now. During this time I’ve found him to be extremely knowledgeable about the body. He integrates movement and exercise in a way that promotes good health and spiritual well being. The other day I entered my session with Dave feeling jittery and anxious. Between the challenging and mindful movements he assigned, and the breathing exercises he lead me in, I left feeling renewed and calm. This was an amazing feat! I appreciate Dave’s consideration of my body aches as he designs my workout for the day. He is considerate, thoughtful and professional. I wholeheartedly recommend Dave Cash to any and all who would like to be in good mind, body, spirit, and shape. He is special. Susan D’Addario

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    Motivational Speaker
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    New to fitness
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    Group Fitness
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    Muscle tears
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    High Blood Pressure
    Cardiovascular Disease
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    First Timers
    Pre/Post Natal
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    Functional training
    Pre/ Post Natal
    Kettle Bells
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    Boot Camp
    Functional Training
    Power Lifting
    Plyometric Training
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    60 min
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    I offer a complimentary first meeting of an
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