• Rachel Bass
    Personal Trainer
    I wasn't a college or even high school athlete. My desire to become a trainer didn't come from a love for fitness, but rather a love of people. I have always had an innate ability and desire to listen, understand and help others. When a mentor recommended I become a trainer, I connected with the concept that I could bring positive changes to people's lives in their mind, body and soul. This decision proved to be wise, as I have found my job incredibly rewarding. In my ten plus years as a trainer I have worked with a wide range of clients with different ages and goals, but they all had one thing in common - a desire to love their session.

    Whether you have weight loss goals, strength goals or a wish to change the way you feel about life, I can help you create the change you wish to see. My sessions start with a 5- 10 minute warm up, followed by 40 minutes of personalized programing and ending with 5-10 minutes of stretch and massage (well deserved and everyone's favorite part!) I always listen to how you are feeling and tailor the session to your needs for the day and your ultimate goal. I care about my clients and genuinely want them to experience positive growth in themselves.

    By traveling to YOUR home or home gym I am taking away the biggest excuse people use, "I don't have time." I can create a fulfilling workout in the confines of your apartment or in the luxuries of your building's gym.

    You will feel confident in knowing that I went to school to become a trainer! Whereas some people read a text book and study for a test, I learned from professionals and got practical experience in the gym as well! Upon graduating college I attended the National Personal Training Institute where I was able to achieve the highest level of personal training education that one can receive. At NPTI I had time not only in the classroom but also in the gym working with others! Upon completing NPTI I immediately moved to NYC and started working at Equinox and was lucky to receive continued education through their school called EFTI.

    In the past 10 years of being a trainer and learning about the fitness industry the thing that has stayed consistent is my love for my clients. I love teaching, explaining, demonstrating and nurturing the special relationship we share. If you are looking create a positive change in your mind, body and soul, I am the trainer to get you there.
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    • Best Shape of My Life!

      I have been training with Rachel for one year and she is hands down the best trainer I have ever worked with. She has the ability and creativity to garner results in an individual by customizing challenging workouts to suit their needs. This always makes for a fun and effective workout, resulting in lots of sweat and laughs. She is incredibly warm, and highly motivating despite being tough. She knows her craft and takes my fitness goals seriously. A win for me is a win for her. My body has changed over this year and she is always adapting our sessions to ensure that I am challenged and engaged. Rachel also takes the time to know her clients well, which makes our sessions highly enjoyable and the highlight of my week! I am in the best shape of my life and I cannot recommend Rachel highly enough to anyone who wants an attentive and motivating trainer who gets results.

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    High Blood Pressure
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    First Timers
    Unmotivated Individuals
    Pre/Post Natal
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    Nutrition & Lifestyle
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    Pre/ Post Natal
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    Weight Loss
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    60 min
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    Initial Workout
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