A Sample Workout From Personal Trainer Ilana Milstein

By Ilana Milstein

Bronx, NYC Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor

Three years ago I started training a client who wanted to lose thirty pounds. She was only able to train with me once a week and sometimes even once every week. To fill in for the times I would not train her, I started emailing her biweekly basic at home workouts based on some of the exercises we did together and told her to alternate them with cardio and report back to me. She stuck to this program and fast forward three years she’s lost forty pounds has maintained and now leads a very active lifestyle.


An example of one of the at home workouts I gave my clients is as follows.

Warmup – do each exercise for 30 seconds and repeat circuit 3 times

Jumping jacks

Run with high knees

Alternate punches at high tempo


Circuit one – 1 minute each exercise. repeat three times


Leg raises while lying on your back

Alternate crunches (bring your elbow to your knee)


Circuit 2 – repeat 3 times

15 bicep curls to shoulder press

20 stationary lugs on each leg while holding weights

20 pushups.


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