Personal Trainer Marketing Ideas

By Sid Landers

Being a Personal Trainer can be a very competitive occupation, particularly in a large city. Still, it is presently experiencing a large growth as people are realizing the benefits they can receive from a personal trainer. This is particularly true if you are a personal trainer Manhattan. The competition in this amazing area requires you to not only be the best, but also to offer a program that people want and that people will quickly learn about.

Once you have determined to become a personal trainer Manhattan you need to decide on your area of specialization. If you have any type of certification this is a great sales point. If you have specialized education this will also add to your appeal.

When you begin your personal trainer marketing campaign you will want to target your abilities to specific groups. You will be surprised at the possible specialized groups with whom you can train. For example, pregnant women are great clients as are athletes. Senior citizens also are a great group to work with although they need training that will keep them healthy but not be too challenging. Another group to consider are people seeking to lose weight or who want to lose fat. There is always a demand for body building. Women are another group who enjoy having a personal trainer. Finally, you might consider working with physically impaired people although you must make certain you have the necessary training to work with their needs.

Each of these groups are plentiful if you are personal trainer Manhattan. Once you have determined the group or groups you want to train you need to give a great deal consideration to your overall business plan. The key to your business plan is marketing. If you decide to do your personal training at the home of your client you will not have the overhead of renting an office space. This is another important consideration. After this major decision has been made you need to look at your proposed business and take the first step. It is important for you to invest money in a brochure that proudly tells your story. It needs to have basic information as well as your contact information. You should also have some business cards that can easily be handed out to anyone and everyone you meet.

You will be surprised with what great advertisement you can receive from a brochure or business card that is left on bulletin boards in laundry facilities. You will also gain exposure by offering to talk to local clubs and organizations that might need your service. For example, if you talk about personal training to a group of Rotary members, these members might not have an interest; however, their wife might be looking for someone to help her lose weight; a members son might be looking for a trainer to help him prepare for football season; the list grows as does your clientele.

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