Technology and Fitness: A Winning Combination

By Lewis Fein

The union between technology and exercise is an opportunity for us all to succeed. Specifically, NeighborhoodTrainers illustrates how we can use the Internet to promote good health and save ourselves the expense – emotionally and financially – of searching for a fitness expert.

By enabling people to find the right trainer for the right reasons, this site is a testament to a transformation within the fitness industry: a shift away from the hit-or-miss approach where people search (often in vain) for a trainer, and embrace, instead, of an intelligent – and fast – discovery of trainers right in your own neighborhood. In other words, we bring personal trainers and their prospective clients together – through technology – and give the former renewed success and the latter restored confidence and strength.

The power of this site – and the testimonials we enjoy – proves that we can all be a force for innovation on behalf of good health. These goals continue to inspire us, a catalyst that is at the heart of our credibility with the public at large. Now, let us use technology to further educate people about the many ways fitness can be a ticket to greatness.

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