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Optimize Your Health Now

September 24, 2020


This is intended to immediately impact your health in a positive way upon reading it.
There is no sugar coating it, we’re in the middle of a public health crisis. In order for things to get better, we need to become undeviated about our health. With these three simple health hacks and consistency, you can easily ward off common health issues.
My name is Kristofer Lyons and I am a student of the human mind and body. Growing up as an athlete in multiple fields I learned early on about the limits of the human body. To now working full-time as a fitness professional. I’ve witnessed how as kids we push ourselves easily out of our comfort zone for competition or for “play” of the game. With the help of a dedicated coaching staff and a results-based strategy, most young athletes have almost infinite capabilities. Does the same apply for adults 25 and older?
The answer is, YES!
With the right coach, proper planning, and just enough willpower you can unleash your infinite capabilities and optimize your health at any point in your life. The founding principle of Health Optimization is to repeatedly make the decision to act on what you think will ultimately help you change for the better.
  1. Set a plan, map out your Nutrition
This is one of those things in life that is easier to do than to talk about. Look at the amount of time you have in a day and decide how much of that time can you put towards bettering your relationship with your health.
From the moment you wake up till the moment you go back to sleep, there are plenty of opportunities to make healthy decisions that will impact you greatly in the long run. Such as committing to a balanced number(3-6) of times to eat per day and planning your cheat days in advance.
For beginners, enjoy a treat every 12 days. For those more further along towards their fitness goals, depending on what your goals are, enjoy a treat every 5-7 days. Set achievable fitness goals and test yourself. Follow a well planned out program written by myself or create your own, either way, plan ahead.
Like a sharpshooter, you need to aim to balance yourself between how active you are and how much food you need for fuel. You may achieve optimization based upon your personal basal metabolic rate (BMR), which is the number of calories you burn at rest. This is important because about 60 to 75 percent of the calories you burn each day happen while you’re seemingly doing nothing.
Learning how to work with your metabolism is vital in combating common health problems.
2. Drink 100oz of water daily.
           Simply put water is life.
The more water you can drink the better. The most common health problems can be avoided with adequate hydration. To be exact here are some of the immediate benefits of increased daily water intake in no particular order. Maximal physical performance, in any physical sport your body (joints, ligaments, and nerve endings) needs to be well hydrated in order to perform at its peak capacity.
With more water, you will receive waves of improvement within brain function and connectivity to major reductions in stress right away. Increasing your water intake will overtime rid the body of excess water weight, which will leave you looking and feeling lean and firm.
Sufficient hydration leads to optimal regularity in digestion as well. Just these few benefits could help aid the world from a lot of suffering, if you have access to clean water you should cherish it by consuming optimally.
Visit my website www.leveragegear.com and grab two 120oz bottles from my store. One for yourself and one for a friend. Consume at least 100oz daily for the mind and body optimization.
3. Increase your intake of Cinnamon
Through the test of time medicine has always merged with nature. We use plants for almost everything in modern society. If we’re not building or designing objects that are made from plant-based material, we can be found using plants as food.
Food can be medicine depending on how well you use it. Specifically how you prepare your food and how you choose to consume it matters the most. It is possible to overcook vegetables and zap the preserved live nutrients. One should aim to consume the majority of their vegetables washed and raw with other food items to enjoy alongside.
Cinnamon is one plant that has a strong potential to help optimize your mind and body. Be sure to reach for Ceylon Cinnamon if you plan to use this tree for all its benefits. As long as you’re not allergic to this very strong medicinal bark I would suggest you incorporate more of this plant into your plate or cup periodically.
Start small with ½ teaspoon 2-3 times per week. Introduce it to your plate gradually by grading the bark and mixing it into common dishes such as pancakes, or sprinkle a bit on your favorite fruit. You can even add it to your protein shakes for a boost of antioxidants, or mix into some hot tea to increase the rate of absorption by the bloodstream to help lower blood sugar levels and help rid the body of excess visceral fat.
There is plenty of research tested benefits that support the positive effects that cinnamon has on the human body. Use with awareness and proper water intake for best results.


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