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Summer is Exercise Time

June 27, 2018

Exercise in the Summer? YES!!!

With summer just kicking off, a lot of people tend to say or think – what’s the point of starting up or continuing to work on my weight or fitness goals now?
Well what if I told you that by the time Fall rolls around you could actually lose 30 + pounds – hard to believe? Most health organizations and authoritative bodies have constituted a weight loss rate of 1 percent body weight per week to be safe for most individuals. If Fall doesn’t start for another 12 weeks you could safely shed 1 percent of your body weight per week, that would equal ______?

Now, let’s check out some practical things working in everyone’s favor.

1. Here’s a nice long list of Superfoods currently in season:

Blueberries, lemons, oranges, raspberries, strawberries, green beans, lettuce, onions, bell peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes.
Try some of these light, healthy, great tasting recipes:
http://healthy.betterrecipes.com/foil-baked-salmon.html (pro tip: skip the brown sugar and replace the lemon with a ripe juicy orangeinstead)
(pro tip: go with organic produce, don’t skin the pears or cukes)

2. Best time to workout

Now I’m fully aware of how hard it can be to get up and get going when it is grim and cold out, but now that the days are longer and the weather is nicer – get out and get moving!
Wake up 30 minutes earlier so you can go for a brisk walk, ride your bicycle, or hit some low impact aerobics right in your home.  Not only will your body thank you, but you’ll also find yourself in a much better mood and more mentally efficient. Plus, did you know you’ll actually burn more fat in warmer weather? Why, because you are generating more heat (energy) aka calories!
Try this low impact aerobic workout to help get you started.
1. In place marches – alternate right knee up / left knee
2. Side steps – take 1 step left then return, 1 step right then return,
3. Butt kicks – place each hand around back with the top area resting against your buttocks and lift your heel towards you palm by bending at the knee.
Perform 1 to 2 minutes of each in a circuit fashion, alternating between legs, at a comfortable rhythmic pace for a minimum of 3 rounds.
Raise the intensity by:
Increasing your pace, Decreasing rest between rounds, or Incorporating various arm movements such as: Alternating straight overhead raises, Alternating Straight forward punches, two arm swings front middle / back & out, or two arm outer / overhead reaches returning back down to your sides – like with  jumping jacks.

3. Hydration, hydration, hydration

Now the good thing is this weather will naturally raise your desire to eat and drink refreshing foods and beverages. So follow your instincts but use good judgement. Instead of gulping down a slurpee or coolatta which can range between 175 to over 800 calories depending on size, quality, and quantity of milk. Consider having a tall glass of naturally flavored water or iced tea instead. Both of these options are much less acidic and can still help to boost mental focus and metabolism.
Adding a few slices of orange, lemon, or cucumber will make either one of these much more palatable and simultaneously provide you with key antioxidants and nutrients. Vary the different options so you can benefit and enjoy from each of the foods unique flavors and nutritious properties.
Also instead going for sugary, calorically dense frozen yogurts, ice creams and ices – try chopping / freezing some of your fave fruits or veggies to have as snacks. Not only are they comprised of a high percentage of water but in many cases they’ll also contain a good amount of compounds needed to promote hydration as well as healthy digestion.
For more great health, fitness, nutrition & lifestyle advice and info shoot an email to: luisn@gogetrfitness.com

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