Marketing and Training: The Pursuit Continues

By Lewis Fein

NeighborhoodTrainers is my contribution, in part, to a topic many fitness professionals routinely discuss: the importance of marketing. After all, trainers have very little time to expand their list of clients, network within their respective communities and handle all the other duties of running a business. This site is a way to reconcile these challenges, thanks to my respect for the needs of trainers and the public in general.


Remember, marketing is an exercise of its own: an art with plenty of complexity, which also requires extreme focus and resilience. No doubt many trainers have the skills to do these things, but – and this is an important qualifier – few trainers have enough spare time to work with existing clients and then oversee an ambitious promotional campaign. Which brings us back to NeighborhoodTrainers, a site that is innovative, effective and easy to use.


Concerning that latter point, I invite people to explore this site so they enjoy the advantages we provide. These resources allow trainers to market their abilities with convenience and success. By those standards, we should celebrate the value of marketing and professional growth.

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